Restaurant Spotlight: Tres Carnales

Posted by on Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 10:47am.

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Tres Carnales (pronounced Tr-ehz Car-nah-less) is a fine contribution to Edmonton's international cuisine restaurant scene by offering casual dining Mexican food. How much more casual of an invite do you need to try this restaurant than considering that the restaurant’s meaning is "three homeboys" in Spanish. They are an excellent choice for a casual meal with good company and excellent food without breaking the bank.


There are not a lot of seats inside the restaurant, and it is crowded, so it's not a place you can hang out in for hours. First, everyone must stand in line and order your food.  Once you have received your food, find a seat.  This may be a challenge if there are a lot in your group though.

 If you take a seat before ordering though, the staff will tell you to wait in line, so people who have already ordered can have the seats. While you're waiting, make sure to admire the Mexican decorations around the restaurant.

The Menu

If you go into the restaurant with a group, it is recommended and more interesting if each member of the group orders something different for all to try. Each taco order contains four tacos, so there will certainly be plenty to go around. Tres Carnales specializes in tacos, with Alberta pork shoulder and pollo (locally raised chicken) taco being the tastiest.

For appetizers, be sure to have chips and their homemade guacamole. For those that do not enjoy tacos as much, there are also tortas available on the menu, which ae sandwiches made with taco fillings instead of the taco shells themselves. There is also a nice selection of beer and sangria.

Definitely check out this restaurant if you love Mexican food or maybe need a solid spot for a "Taco Tuesday" night. With a good selection of local and homemade food, it is sure to be a hit.

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