What type of Events Has Edmonton Attracted Recently?

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Edmonton has been attracting some world class events lately and it’s a really exciting time to be here. For example, this past March Edmonton had the honour of hosting the Red Bull Crashed Ice winter event, one of the most exciting winter events that drew huge crowds, tons of media coverage and a daredevil downhill skating spectacle.

It’s usually held in winter cities around the world but it went really well for the event hosts having it held in Edmonton for a change while Edmonton got a peak of some really unusual activities like the unusual downhill skating spectacle. With a beautiful city like Edmonton featuring great facilities and an openness to host more events, others are starting to take note and consider it for their next event. Here is a look at other events the city has attracted recently.

Why is Edmonton a great host city?

Edmonton already hosts annual festivals of its own and has gotten used to big crowds and excitement of the masses. They have an engaged and supportive community with locals wanting to help volunteer, spread their word of mouth on social media accounts and to bring the cheer and excitement to any event that makes its way to the area. It’s the perfect city for world class events with a great crowd, beautiful city and convenient facilities.

What events are on the radar?

Along with this past March’s Red Bull Crashed Ice, Edmonton has attracted the FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place from June 6th until July 5th. More than 20 countries are expected to come to Edmonton for it and compete for the title of world champion. You’ll see teams from Ecuador, Nigeria and Sweden with strong competition featuring the best female soccer plays from around the world.

Canadian Track and Field Championships will be taking place from July 2nd-5th too with Canada’s top runners competing. Along with sports, Western Canada Fashion Week ran from March 26th through April 6th which was a great cultural event and the second-largest Fashion Week in the country.

Edmonton is on the radar and hopes to continue hosting big events!

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