Where's the beef? 5 great places for steak in Edmonton

Posted by on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 at 7:18pm.

There’s steak, and then there’s…. steak.  Not steak at one of Edmonton’s popular neighbourhood steak and pizza joints but fine, aged, Triple Grade A Alberta Beef at a fine-dining restaurant.  Even in a downturn, it seems Albertans still prefer their beef upgraded and if you wonder if that’s true, Avenue Edmonton will back it up.   Searches on the Edmonton lifestyle magazine’s website show that “best steak” is one of the more frequently searched categories on their Best Restaurant Page.

So, which Edmonton eateries made the cut for best steak?

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine

Beef Tenderloin at this 124 Street restaurant in Westmount is a must-try.  Artful presentation on top of a steaming bed of delicious savoy cabbage.  A juicy thick cut served masterfully with three dollops of mashed spuds and chips made from elephant garlic.  Creative?  Yes.  Seasonal veggies accompany this dish and your tenderloin is cooked to perfection to your request.  You barely need a knife to cut it. 

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine is at 10723 – 124 Street in Edmonton.

Von’s Steak House & Oyster Bar

Here’s where Rib Eye Steak is available in several size cuts, just one of the types of steak on Von’s extensive list of beef cuts.   Enjoy it with peppercorn sauce and on the side, fingerling potatoes.   Another tender cut served in the stone dining room of Von’s.  Enjoy an intimate dinner fireside and linger over your Rib Eye.

Von’s is located at 10309 – 81 Avenue in Strathcona.

La Ronde

Back in the 1970s, surf’n’turf was a big thing.  Steak and lobster was the cool dish of the decade and so was something called Steak Diane.  Dishes fall out of fashion but La Ronde has introduced Retro Thursdays in which they have resurrected some old-style dishes and added contemporary flair.

Steak Diane is prepared at your table.  It’s a show.  The chef comes to your table pushing a crash cart of delectable items like raw, thinly sliced Alberta beef strip loin.  The strips are flambeed, and for the great unwashed that means set alight in the pan generally fueled by alcohol.  In this case, it’s brandy.  The flames are high and fierce, adding to the drama and the anticipation.  It’s drenched in the Steak Diane sauce and served with mushrooms.   Some freshly steamed veggies, a few fluffy potato bits and you’re set.

La Ronde is located in Chateau Lacombe at 10111 Bellamy Hill Road in downtown Edmonton.

The Steak Out

Cute name for a New York-style steak house on Parson’s Road.  Fittingly, one of their loveliest 10-ounce cut is called The Manhattan which arrives with the traditional holy trinity - mushrooms, onions and peppers.  Plus, your choice of potato – baked, mashed or unfortunately, fries.  If you go for baked, you get the little topping carousel at your table.  Another steak-house tradition – a stainless steel thing-a-ma-bob with three dishes of toppings.  Sour cream, bacon bits and chopped chives or green onions. 

The Steak Out is at 3376 Parsons Road.

Bistecca Italian Steakhouse

This old-school steak establishment has dim lighting and a classic interior.  You almost expect Al Pacino to be sitting holding court in a booth.   There are no fancy sauces, no uber creative accompaniments to their variety of meat cuts.  If you ask your server what he or she recommends, they will likely say the “Bistecca” Rib Eye – 14 ounces of heaven. Meticulously seasoned, super tender and even though it comes with carefully constructed roasted veggies, your full attention will be on the meat.  Excellent service and quality portions.  Arrive hungry.

Bistecca Italian Steakhouse is at 2345 – 111 Street.

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