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Clover Bar is one of the most obscure neighborhoods in the city. It is usually associated with the Clover Bar Road and the Clover Bar Bridge. Clover Bar Road is a main arterial road running through Sherwood Park. It also runs through many residential areas. Clover Bar Bridge consists of a pair of bridges that span through North Saskatchewan River. In terms of residential components, dwellings in the area are composed of single family homes and duplexes. 

Clover Bar is meant to be unique compared to all other residential neighborhoods in Edmonton. That is because within its area are several establishments, facilities, and amenities that may not be present in other communities in the city. To some homebuyers, Clover Bar may not be an ideal community to buy or build homes. But to more practical and wise buyers, there is no reason why the residential neighborhood will not be as ideal and as attractive as all other communities in Edmonton.

Clover Bar was originally popular as the site of Clover Bar Cemetery, which was built in 1901. The country cemetery was constructed behind the equally popular Clover Bar Church. The land was donated by homesteader WH Wilkinson. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of arrival of first settlers in the neighborhood, a stone gateway going to the cemetery was built. It has become a permanent jubilee memorial. In 1995, the city government took over control and operations of the cemetery.

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The community is also home to the Clover Bar Landfill. The site is the only landfill in the entire province of Alberta that recovers gas from waste and generates electricity from it at the same time. The landfill is set to produce gas for that purpose only until 2013. Clover Bar Landfill is carefully and effectively managed and controlled to keep residents in nearby areas free from any rudiment or pollution coming from waste materials. Some other industrial units and businesses are present in the community.

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