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MacTaggart is a neighborhood located in the south-western part of Edmonton, and one of seven neighborhoods within the greater Terwillegar Servicing Concept Design Brief (SCDB). The SCDB was one of the most recent development projects established in the city, and was only granted approval by city authorities in 2005, with construction beginning almost immediately afterwards. As of 2011, MacTaggart was still under construction.

The neighborhood takes its name from a famous local philanthropist and entrepreneur named Sandy MacTaggart, who accomplished many great achievements in both business and education during his long life.

One of the most appealing things about the neighborhood of MacTaggart is the acres of natural outdoor amenity space that is available to residents. In addition, thanks to the community’s excellent road links – Anthony Henday Drive, Rabbit Hill Road and Whitemud Creek Ravine - residents of the neighborhood enjoy easy access to other parts of the city

Because residential construction only began in 2005, the homes here each feature very modern architectural designs. In addition, the neighborhood is one of the most uniform in all of Edmonton in that most of the homes are single detached dwellings (some 90% at the time of writing). However, things are likely to change, as the area plan for MacTaggart also includes row houses and low rise apartments.

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One of the downsides is that many of the recreational amenities and commercial developments have not yet been completed at the time of writing, and are not expected to be finished until the middle of the 2010s. For those residents who are in it for the long haul. However, the future looks very good in MacTaggart - the final vision for the neighborhood is a community that incorporates a mixture of land uses, and actively promotes bicycle and pedestrian travel, with a network of connecting pathways laid out for convenient foot access. For now, MacTaggart residents generally make use of the commercial amenities and services available on 23 Avenue, which is located in Terwillegar Towne, just to the north-west of the neighborhood.

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