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Located in the north-west part of the city of Edmonton, the Palisades is one of the city’s largest residential communities. The area was established back in 1984, when councilors adopted the designs of the Palisades Area Structure Plan, which guided the development of the six planned neighborhoods in the area.

Despite the plan being adopted the mid-1980s, construction didn't really take off in the Palisades until the 1990s. For many years, the area consisted of just one neighborhood – Oxford – web development began in 1985. Meanwhile, the other five neighborhoods that make up the Palisades were constructed in the 1990s.

Today, the Palisades is bounded by Anthony Henday Drive to the north, 127 Street to the east, 137 Avenue to the south and a Canadian National Railway line to the west. The community is bisected by two main roads; 167 Avenue and 153 Avenue.

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As mentioned above, there are six neighborhoods that make up the Palisades, including Albany, Carlton, Cumberland, Hudson, Oxford and Pembina. These communities are all said to be among the most desirable in the city, thanks to their combination of modern yet affordable homes, a nice range of housing choices, the transport links, proximity to commercial services, and extensive outdoor recreational spaces. Outdoor amenities include the EMSA soccer complex and the Castle Downs Park, while the Rural North West- a nature preserve that features many open green spaces, and also plenty of woodland – is located immediately to the north of the community.

For shopping and entertainment, the Pembina neighborhood is largely given over to commercial spaces and is home to a wealth of excellent venues that can take care of these needs, such as a Home Depot and Best Buy, and restaurants such as Burger King and the Outback Steakhouse. In addition, there are also a couple of sports centers in Pembina. 

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