December 2014

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Open House

When other buyers don't follow the rules of the open house, it can cause you to go crazy. Maybe they brought kids and they are running all through the house keeping you from really getting a chance to see it. Don't be that person. Instead, follow these simple rules when you attend open houses.

Sign in

You need to sign in even if you just think it's a way to get your info for marketing. This is a very important thing and provides a measure of security to the homeowner and the realtor.

Don't Bring the Kids

The kids don't need to be at the home for the open house. If you want them to see the home before you buy it, schedule a private appointment. Kids get bored too quickly and they won't enjoy the open house. This can make them a distraction for

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Ice Skating

Edmonton is full of great activities, even in the winter. Whether you enjoy a trip down the hill on a toboggan or some time on an outdoor ice rink, you can find it throughout the city. Here are the different places you can enjoy all three of these wonderful winter activities in Edmonton.


A great activity for the entire family, tobogganing can provide hours of fun. There are plenty of safe hills with safe run-outs for tobogganing. Some of the best hills maintained by the city include:

  • Whitemud Park North - Keillor Road and Fox Drive
  • Gallagher Park - 97 Avenue and 92 Street
  • Rundle Park - ACT Hill - 2903 - 113 Avenue
  • Emily Murphy Park - Groat Road and Emily Murphy Park Road
  • Government House Park - Groat Road and River Valley
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Real Estate

After a survey was done by RECO or the Real Estate Council of Ontario, a few very interesting misconceptions were found about real estate. The average homeowner doesn't know nearly as much about the buying and selling process as one might think. Here are a few of the misconceptions found from the survey.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract are Standardized

Many of the people surveyed thought the terms of a representation agreement are standard. This included the length of the contract and the services offers. However, this isn't the case and even though it's mandatory for a buyer representation agreement to be signed, they are not all the same.

Some of these agreements are non-exclusive, while others are exclusive. The time, services and fees

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