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The Best Performing Arts and Theatre Venues in Edmonton ABEdmonton is a city with a history of culture and theatre arts. There are countless performing arts venues in the area, with different offerings sure to fit anyone's preferences on the stage. Whether you're a long-time or new resident of Edmonton, or if you're just passing through to visit, Edmonton is sure to have a performing arts venue that appeals to you. Check out one of the following theatres for a night out on the town.

A Night Out at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre is the perfect way to enjoy a night out with that special someone. Dinner and a show will provide plenty of delicious food and entertainment for your special night. Whether you're celebrating something or you just need a fun date night, the theatre is

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The Best Edmonton SteakhousesNothing will sate your hunger quite as well as a professionally prepared and cooked piece of steak: the flavors, the texture and the satisfying sizzle of the meat (or not, if you like blue steak) is enough to make you salivate even at the thought of a great steak meal. Obviously having some of the finest steak in the world to choose from helps that goal along and living in Edmonton means you're in luck when it comes to steak dining.

Here are our top 3 picks of the best steakhouses in Edmonton - some of you might disagree which is fine. After all how you like your steak is all-relative eh?

The Marc

The Marc was the runner up winner. It is an elegant upscale fine dining French restaurant that produces a delectable meal. The Marc is not

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Visit an Edmonton MuseumWhen it comes to museums the problem you'll find when living in or visiting Edmonton is not that we have a lack of them, but instead that we have an abundance of them for you to visit. Even if you've never been a fan of culture as such you'll still find a museum in the city that will interest and maybe even intrigue you - remembering that not every museum is about displaying works of art.

The Royal Albert Museum

The largest museum in the city is the Royal Albert Museum, which was actually known as the Provincial Museum of Alberta until it was renamed as part of a visit by HRH Queen Elizabeth in 2005. To give you some idea of just how impressive this museum is it acts as home to over 10,000,000 (10 million) different objects from both Canada,

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The Best Pizza in Edmonton AlbertaEdmonton has some amazing pizza places that any newbie to the area would not want to miss out on. Last year, the pizza places in town were rated to see who was serving it up best. Here is a look at some of the pizza restaurants that take the cake from serving the best pie to offering the best experience, including Leva, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria and Ragazzi Bistro Italiano.

Ragazzi Bistro Italiano

Ragazzi Bistro Italiano definitely deserves props for their pizza pies. This restaurant is located away from the busy part of Whyte Avenue giving you a better experience altogether. They are right next to some competition, Pizza 73, and while both places have great pizza, Ragazzi Bistro Italiano is serving it up Italian style.

Enjoy thin crusts,

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Buying a Home in Edmonton as a First-Time Home BuyerStarter homes are usually the first home that a person or family is able to afford to buy with either savings and a mortgage or just a mortgage. These homes are typically 1-2 bedroom homes, are often older homes and are ideal for singles, newlyweds and young families. Starter homes are usually affordable because they are priced at or below the median price on the local market.

Many first-time homeowners will choose a starter home as their first home so that it will appreciate in value or at least hold its value so they can sell it down the road and have enough equity for their next home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.


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The Best Italian Food in Edmonton ABEdmonton has a number of amazing restaurants that deserve dining by citizens and visitors alike. All types of food are here for the tasting, and you're sure to find restaurants that just can't be beat. If you're in Edmonton and craving some top-notch Italian food, consider checking out one of these Edmonton AB Italian restaurants today.

Corso 32

Corso 32 knows their pasta, and treat it as a delicacy in their dining establishment. It is made in house each day, and cooked to perfection. They use quality ingredients to ensure the tastiest results. You will want to try the Garganelli, which is served with a classic Bolognese sauce. It happens to be a favorite among those who visit often.

Chef Danial Costa knows how to make pasta, as he has

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