3 Essential Staging Tips You Should Be Using

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3 Home Staging Tips You Need To SeeWhen selling a home, agents and advice articles alike will tell homeowners that they should be spending time staging their home before allowing anyone to come for a showing, but what exactly does it mean to stage a home? Staging is a form of decorating with the goal of making a home appealing to the widest number of people possible in order to help it sell faster. With that in mind, it can be difficult for many homeowners to know where to start staging there home, so here are three tips anyone can use.

1. Remove Clutter From the Home

Staging doesn’t have to be just home décor and landscaping. Just making sure a home is neat and tidy can help to stage a home for visitors, so homeowners should take their time when cleaning to really make sure everything looks good. Here are some different things homeowners can do to make sure their home is clean for buyers:

  • Make sure there’s no dishes in the sink. 
  • Put clothes hampers in a closet.
  • Pick up children’s or pets’ toys.
  • Make all the beds.
  • Clean toiletries off of kitchen counters.

Decluttering a home can also be a good way to keep buyers from accidentally getting distracted when viewing a home, so it’s highly recommended for all homeowners to spend some time cutting out excess and cleaning up before hosting any showings.

2. Keep Furniture In the Home

When selling, it can be easy to assume that a home without furniture can provide a better environment for buyers to focus on the home. However, this is incorrect because a home without furniture ends up being so empty that it forces buyers to scrutinize everything that they do see. On top of this, empty rooms tend to look smaller, colder, and less welcoming than homes that are fully furnished. And when a home doesn’t have any furniture in it, it can be difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home and imagining how the furniture they already own will fit into the home. For all these reasons, it’s best for sellers to leave their furniture in the home while trying to sell it, or hire a stager who can bring new furniture into the home temporarily.

3. Remove Personalized Items From the Home

It’s common for homeowners to have things like children’s drawings on the fridge, framed certificates hanging on walls, or photos of family and other loved ones on display in a home. While these sorts of things may not be out of the ordinary or even be expected to have in a home, when trying to sell, it can be harmful to a home’s chances of selling to keep these sorts of things on display.

When staging a home, the ultimate goal to keep in mind is to make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, and if someone else’s family photos are displayed in every room, it can be difficult for buyers to do that. Before a homeowner opens their home up to visitors, they should be sure to go into every room and look for anything personalized and remove it. Personalized items can include things like:

  • Diplomas and certificates.
  • Photos of family and friends.
  • Artwork made by someone who lives in the home.
  • Anything displaying a name.
  • Talking piece furniture items.
  • Novelties and collections.

Temporarily removing these sorts of items can help buyers feel more at home in the home, which can make them more tempted to buy.

Following these three staging tips can help any Belgravia home owner get their home into shape before selling. For more staging advice, consult a professional stager who can personalize their advice to a specific home.

By Justin Havre


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