6 Easy Landscaping Tips For Home Sellers

Posted by EdmontonRealEstate.ca Team on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 12:01pm.

Low Maintenance Tips for Home LandscapingLandscaping is one of the first features that home buyers notice when they arrive at a property for a showing. Preparing your home's landscaping before putting it on the market can help attract buyers. These 6 easy landscaping tips can help you get ready to sell.

Trim Grass Weekly

Buyers can drive by at strange hours, without announcing their visit. Trimming grass on a weekly basis during the growing season can help ensure that your lawn will always look trim and tidy for everyone who sees.

Water Grass Deeply Once Per Week

In the summer, the weather can get hot and dry. When this happens, grass often turns brown, brittle and unhealthy. Watering the lawn deeply once per week during the growing season can help keep the grass green. Water in the morning, not at night, to prevent fungus from taking hold in your soil.

Mulch Flower Beds

Mulch is practically a miracle product. It successfully stops weeds from growing, shades soil to prevent moisture evaporation and keeps roots cool on hot summer days. Best of all, mulch can give uniformity to the ground around flowers, making flower beds look more attractive and tidy. When mulching your gardens, use the same type of mulch and the same colour of mulch in each bed.

Plant Annuals

Annuals are easy to buy, easy to plant and easy to maintain. Even in popular real estate markets like Windermere, this can add more appeal to a potential buyer. They're available for sale at home improvement stores and nurseries everywhere, and usually at low cost. Annuals also require little effort to thrive. Under the right lighting conditions and with enough water, most annuals will produce flowers throughout the growing season. When picking and planting annuals for your home, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose bright, colourful flowers to attract the attention of home buyers.
  • Pick flowers that are known to thrive in the lighting conditions on your property (for example, choose shade-loving flowers for shady properties, light-loving flowers for lawns with little or no shade).

Once the flowers are planted, keep them well watered throughout the growing season. This is especially important in the beginning when the flowers are not yet established, because flowers can dry out easily in the first few days or weeks in their new location.

Keep Paths and Perimeters Well Edged

Grass that grows up beyond its intended boundaries has a way of making a yard look messy. Edge pathways and perimeters around the yard at least once every couple weeks, if not once per week during the growing season.

Revitalize Old Shrubs

Old shrubs have a way of becoming spindly and lanky over time. To revitalize your old shrubs, cut them back back to a significantly smaller size at the start of the growing season. This encourages the plant to produce full, leafy growth. Many shrubs will recover from a hard pruning in only a few weeks.

Homeowners who want beautiful shrubs in a shorter period of time can pull out their old shrubs and plant new shrubs in their place, but this can be a physically taxing process. If you choose to plant new shrubs on your lawn, remember to water their new plants frequently in the first month or two as the plants become established.

Work With a Real Estate Professional

There's a lot you can do to improve your home's curb appeal before putting it on the market! To find out more, work with an experienced real estate professional before listing your home. They will have the experience to know what investments to make to help sell your home.

By Justin Havre


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