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What Sets Bungalows Apart From Other Architecture Styles?

Thinking of buying a new home and not quite sure what style, size, and property type perfectly suit your needs? There are many choices even amid the single-family home category, and bungalow homes are worth considering when shopping for potential investment properties. These charming homes dominate many neighbourhoods, but there are several architectural styles. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common exterior and interior elements of bungalow homes in the Edmonton community to help decide if this type of abode is the right choice.

History & Stylistic Influences of Bungalows

What is now known as bungalow-style is an adaptation of the single-story huts typical in 19th century India. As the style modernized, the first version most

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Edmonton Vacation and Staycation Guide

There's much to see and do in the city of Edmonton. Located on the North Saskatchewan River, there are many things to do in Edmonton that appeal to all people, including nature lovers, those that enjoy culture, and numerous amenities to keep people busy. For those looking to buy Edmonton townhomes or luxury homes in the area, it may also be helpful to know that this is an active community with lots of things to do within each city's neighbourhoods. Whether you've lived in Edmonton for years or are visiting for the first time, the city is full of great places to stay, eat, and play. Keep reading to find the best guide for a perfect Edmonton vacation or staycation.

Table of Contents

  • Edmonton Resorts
    • River Cree Resort and Casino
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Styling Ideas for Your Edmonton Bungalow

Of all the home styles available to Canadians, the bungalow style has remained a favourite for many years. This is likely due to their practical design and attractive features. To achieve the perfect interior style, people need to be mindful of the common characteristics of bungalows and how they impact design. There are many styles of bungalow houses, but these decoration tips apply to almost all of them. Anyone looking to switch up their bungalow décor or start designing from scratch can get some inspiration from this post. Keep reading to learn about the top design tips for Edmonton bungalow-style homes.

Learn the Bungalow Layout

Bungalows are single-storey houses with one room at the front and two rooms at the back. A bungalow's aesthetic is

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton allows residents to experience an urban city's vibrant atmosphere and convenience yet appreciate spending time communing with nature. It is easy to enjoy the best of both worlds when one calls Edmonton home.

There are plenty of jogging and walking trails in Edmonton—many of which are dog-friendly activities. Read on to discover some of the best places to take advantage of places to hike, bike, and jog in Edmonton.

Rundle Park Bridge Loop

Situated around tree-filled Rundle Park is a hard-packed gravel loop pathway favoured by cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians in Edmonton. Along the way, there are several bridges with bird's eye views of the river and surrounding woodlands. Early along the 6.5 km Rundle Park Bridge Loop is

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Best Edmonton Suburbs Near the Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton is the bustling capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. It's located on the North Saskatchewan River and has approximately one million people. Edmonton homes for sale are surrounded by museums, art galleries, theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs.

As such a vibrant city, it's only natural that the Edmonton International Airport is busy with hundreds of flights per day. And while some Edmontonians prefer to work and play in the big city, some frequent flyers find that living in the best suburbs of Edmonton provides a laid-back setting closer to the airport.

Keep reading to learn about the three Edmonton suburbs closest to the airport.

Leduc: 12 Minutes to Edmonton International Airport

Leduc Amenities

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Suburbs with Lowest Property Taxes Near Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, Canada, sits at the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region on the North Saskatchewan River. Praised for its natural beauty, the city is also an urban center filled with many opportunities for anyone living in the area.

The surrounding suburbs present many desirable options for anyone interested in Edmonton real estate. Before moving to Edmonton, it's essential to be familiar with the property taxes that homeowners must pay each year. Depending on where you live around Edmonton, those taxes can vary.

Keep reading to discover which three Edmonton suburbs have the lowest property taxes.

How Property Taxes Are Calculated in Alberta

Property taxes in Alberta are calculated according to the

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Public Transportation in Edmonton

Fondly nicknamed the Gateway to the North, Edmonton is a metro area in Canada, full of fun things and a robust economy. To support the growing population, the Edmonton real estate market offers an array of desirable housing options.

As Alberta's second-largest city and the fifth largest in Canada, Edmonton is also a sprawling metropolis with top-tier infrastructure.

The streets are well numbered to make driving in Edmonton simple, and the city boasts a well-established public transportation system which makes it easy to get around without a car. Keep reading to learn how to use ETS and other public transportation services in Edmonton.

ETS Bus Service

The Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is a fully integrated transit authority in Edmonton. ETS

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Edmonton, AB History

As the capital of Alberta, the city of Edmonton has a rich history. It is situated along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River—a feature that's supported life in Edmonton since the earliest settlers of the First Nations. Not only was the region a fertile ground for wildlife and growing crops, but the river allowed for transportation that led Edmonton into leadership within the fur trade.

The advent of railways in the early 1900s eventually led to roads, gas, and oil pipelines. More recently, the addition of the international airport earned the city the title "Gateway to the North." Over time, the Edmonton real estate market flourished and provided a foundation for a vibrant city with 1.5 million residents that serves as the economic and cultural

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Is Edmonton Dog-Friendly?

Moving is a challenge by itself, but moving to a home in Edmonton with a pet brings another set of considerations to tackle. Are dogs welcomed in the new community? Are there plenty of activities for a four-legged friend to participate in? Edmonton is one of the larger metro areas in all of Canada, and new residents moving to Edmonton will be happy to know that dogs are very much appreciated here. Keep reading to discover a few of the dog-friendly places and activities available in Edmonton.

Dog-Friendly Activities in Edmonton

Dogtopia is a canine spa, daycare, and boarding service located at 10529 116 St. NW near Downtown Edmonton. It's one of the coolest facilities in the downtown area for folks who live in nearby apartments or condos with

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Most Popular Attractions in Edmonton

With nearly a million people inside the city limits, the city of Edmonton is a fairly large community. The metro area adds about 300,000 people to the local population, making the region the second-largest city in Alberta.

Furthermore, people are still moving to Edmonton in droves; the number of residents has increased by more than 14% since the 2011 count. There is no wonder the community boasts so many new construction homes and townhouse communities. There are so many fun things to do in Edmonton, and new residents may be wondering where they should start exploring. Keep reading to learn about five must-see attractions for people who have just moved to Edmonton.

Admire Plants from Around the World at Muttart Conservatory

Created in 1976,

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