Best Edmonton, AB Suburbs: Edmonton Suburbs Living Guide

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Best Suburbs Near Edmonton, AB

Edmonton is an incredible area to fully embody the live, work, and play lifestyle. The city is proudly known as being the largest Northernmost metropolis in North America. With its massive mall, exciting cuisines, waterfalls, lakes, and 50 annual festivals, residents of Edmonton always have something new to do. While many residents choose to live in the heart of the city, there are a number of exceptional suburbs surrounding Edmonton, including the following six areas.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park Amenities

  • Sunridge Ski Area
  • Quick access to the major highways
  • Arts and culture are prevalent throughout the community
  • Numerous community parks

Sherwood Park is just east of Edmonton. Established in the early 1950s, it was originally farmland. While the area is now more developed and features beautiful ranch-style homes, this suburb maintains some of its original charm. People will not find skyscrapers or multi-lot buildings in Sherwood Park; the shops, restaurants, and cafés here allow residents to enjoy exactly what they need without having to step inside the city.

Homes in Sherwood Park have a median home value of $408,493. Some lots are available at the $100,000 price point, while luxury homes begin around $1,000,000. Residents can enjoy sports and outdoor activities at the area's numerous parks.

Sherwood Park Hotspots

Sherwood Park Shopping

Sherwood Park Nightlife

Sherwood Park Cafés

St. Albert

St. Albert Amenities

  • Riel Recreation Park
  • Surrounded by major highways for easy commuting
  • Preserved historical structures retain the area's rich history

The suburb of St. Albert is situated on the Sturgeon River. The homes feature classic and contemporary styles that allow residents to genuinely feel like they have come home after a long day at work or dealing with the busy city traffic.

St. Albert feels just like a small town that has been hidden from the effects and reach of the surrounding metropolitan area. Originally established in the mid-1800s, the first chapel ever built is now a locally loved landmark. St. Albert's Mission Hill is open for public tours year-round.

The homes available in St. Albert are single-family homes that average two to four bedrooms. Many are single floor, but it is possible to find two-story homes as well. Homes with lakefront views can hear the calming waters daily. The median home value in St. Albert is just under $500,000.

St. Albert Hotspots

St. Albert Shopping

  • Mission Hill Plaza
  • Jensen Lakes Crossing

St. Albert Nightlife

St. Albert Cafés

  • Skybox Café
  • La Crema Caffe


Leduc Amenities

  • Less than a 10-minute drive from the Edmonton International Airport
  • Three large community parks with playgrounds and parking
  • Telford Lake Boardwalk
  • Bowling alley

Leduc is one of the farthest suburbs from Edmonton's centre. However, this does not mean residents miss out on any of the city's fun. It is easy for Leduc residents to hop on the highway and get right to the best attractions in Edmonton. Leduc is quickly growing and now boasts a business park with over 1,400 businesses.

Those who want to live, work, and play in one place without sacrificing a quick drive to the city will love living in Leduc. Homes are surrounded by multi-purpose trails and water activities and have various architectural styles and ages. The median home value in Leduc is $379,218.

Leduc Hotspots

Leduc Shopping

  • City Centre Mall
  • Southfork Landing

Leduc Nightlife


Beaumont Amenities

  • Recreation centre in heart of town
  • Community garden
  • Coloniale Golf Club
  • Fairgrounds host annual events

Beaumont means beautiful hill, which is exactly why settlers originally moved into this area. Located just south of Edmonton, residents can quickly and easily get to the annual festivals or large shopping centres they desire.

Many residents live in Beaumont and commute into Edmonton for work. This French farming community boasts a unique appearance and small-world charm. Residents are surrounded by old-world architecture and brick pathways. Homes in the area range from cottages and single-family homes.

The median home value in Beaumont is $764,000. This adorable neighbourhood truly has a home style for everyone.

Beaumont Hotspots

Beaumont Shopping

  • Montrose Village

Beaumont Nightlife

Beaumont Cafés

Beaumont Restaurants

Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove Amenities

  • The Links At Spruce Grove golf course
  • Numerous public community parks
  • Quick access to major highways

Spruce Grove is an Edmonton suburb that caters to outdoor lifestyles. Nature trails surround most of the homes in the area and can be easily accessed at various points around the community. Aside from the nature trails, residents can also take advantage of paved pathways for biking or walking. Spruce Grove even has its own community theatre, high-end dining, and shopping experiences.

South of Edmonton, Spruce Grove residents are never far away from the city's action. Whether residents want to go into the city for a few hours or get started on a cross-country road trip, the easily accessible highway network allows them to head in every direction.

Homes in Spruce Grove have a median home value of $386,380, which makes it the most affordable neighbourhood on this list. Featuring mostly contemporary homes, some cottage and ranch-style properties are available.

Spruce Grove Hotspots

Spruce Grove Nightlife

Spruce Grove Cafés

Spruce Grove Restaurants

Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan Amenities

  • Historical downtown is rich with history dating back to the early 1900s
  • Summer festivals unite community residents
  • Access to outdoor activities
  • Paved walking and biking trails

Fort Saskatchewan is one of the most historical suburbs in Edmonton. From the downtown that preserves the area's architecture to the new thriving cultural scene that celebrates the area's local history, a new downtown area has been constructed to promote growth for local businesses.

Those who don't want to shop can take advantage of the many outdoor activities that Fort Saskatchewan has to offer. Camping, biking, fishing, golfing, and swimming are just some activities that residents can enjoy. Homes in the area have a median value of $400,000, while new construction can exceed $500,000.

Fort Saskatchewan Hotspots

Fort Saskatchewan Shopping

Fort Saskatchewan Nightlife

Fort Saskatchewan Cafés

Find the Best Suburb in Edmonton to Call Home

Anyone who calls Edmonton and one of its surrounding suburbs home will be happy to have moved to the area. Whether one is looking for a new sense of adventure or desires to grow roots in a bustling metropolitan area, these suburbs are the best communities to live in Edmonton—so long as future residents love outdoor activities, fun annual festivals, and short commutes.

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