Best Ways to Get to Rogers Place

Posted by on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 3:10pm.

The rush to see Edmonton’s fantastic new arena was so great you had to get a ticket to take a tour.  Roger’s Place is now open for business, right in the heart of downtown and no doubt your time will come to check it out.  It’s sort of unusual for a hockey arena or even a stadium for that matter to be located in the inner sanctums of town.  Usually they’re placed in areas where there was lots of room for parking.  Now that the rink is downtown, Edmontonians have to bite the bullet and leave the car at home. But if you don’t often go downtown, here is your guide on the best ways to get down there.

Transit is Where It’s At

Taxi or Uber will get you to the front door but if you’re coming from the outer suburbs that won’t leave you any money for beer and pretzels at the game.  Go for Edmonton Transit. It’s the most affordable method.  The fare for adults is $3.25 and once you purchase that fare, it’s good for 90 minutes which allows for trips and transfers.  If you want a day pass for you and as many as four children, the cost is $9.25 and you can transfer as many times as you want.  A good option if you’re bringing the family downtown and you need to get there and back.

Which LRT Stops Are Best?

You may think that the MacEwan station is the most logical stop and nearest to Rogers Place but here’s a news-flash. It might not be.

This station is on Edmonton’s Metro Line and because there are a few discrepancies post-construction on this line, trains haven’t been able to run at full speed.   Trains are just three cars and run every 15 minutes. If you’re not a regular transit rider, you may have missed the memo from the City that commuters should use the Capital Line if possible.  Transit authorities recommend taking the train to the Bay/Enterprise Square stop and walk a few blocks.  Why would you do that when MacEwan is closer?  To avoid a huge bottleneck at that station and because the trains on the Capital Line have five cars so it will be easier to get on.  They also run between 7 and 10 minutes apart.  More space, more frequent service.

Take Advantage of Park and Ride Stations

The Capital Line also has great park and ride stations which are located at:

  • Clareview
  • Belvedere
  • Stadium
  • Century Park

These park and ride stations in the future will have reserved parking which transit users are paying for.  However, after 5:00 pm during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday, these spots are open to the public.  Because the Oilers, for example, don’t hold games during the afternoons on weekdays, those spots are open to everyone.

There are a few more park and ride stations at Davies and Eaux Claires.  From these two locations at 86 Street and 61 Avenue and 97 Street and 157 Avenue respectively, people on their way to Rogers Place can take a bus directly downtown.

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