Discover the Jurassic Forest this Summer near Edmonton

Posted by on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 at 10:03am.

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Ever wonder what it would have been like to live with dinosaurs? Ever wish you were on the set of Jurassic Park? If you live near or are traveling to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada between the months of May thru October, you can find out.


Of course there are plenty! Enjoy the walk down the trail as you and your family gain exposure to popular and lesser known dinosaurs, fifty species in total. Each dinosaur along the trail is activated with a heat sensor that causes it to move and even make noises as you walk by.

Interactive for the entire family

Along with the moveable dinosaurs, there is interaction all throughout the park. The kids can play on the playground and dig for dinosaur bones.


All the plants you will see around you are a part of a growth forest. The original forest was preserved during the making of this park. Guests can see the native plants of Edmonton as the backdrop to the dinosaurs. With this in mind, you may want to bring bug spray. Besides the dinosaurs of course, there is information on display about plants and insects.


The entire park is one big excuse to enjoy the great outdoors. All of the paths are clean, easy to walk on, and wheelchair accessible. Also at the park is mini golf, which just opened up for the summer. There is also a picnic and concession area.

Jurassic Forest is not that far of a drive from Edmonton, so it is a convenient day trip if you are in the area. It will be a memorable time for all ages. A trip to Jurassic Forest would even be a nice outdoors field trip for any teacher to take her kids who are studying dinosaurs. Even for the adults, learning about dinosaurs was never this much fun!

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