Have you Enjoyed time at the Edmonton International Raceway Yet?

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The Edmonton International Raceway is something everyone should get to experience once. But, it is normal for you to wonder what exactly the Edmonton International Raceway has to offer. Fortunately, this spotlight can give you a little inside into everything Edmonton International Raceway has to offer so you can know what you are getting yourself into beforehand.

What is Edmonton International Raceway Anyway?

Edmonton International Raceway features race schools, test drivers, NASCAR racing, birthday parties, and so much more. It is a place for you to enjoy for both business and pleasure. Families and businesses are welcomed and encouraged to come check it out. Furthermore, it does not really matter how much or how little you know about racing. Everyone is going to have a good time.

NASCAR Racing that Edmonton International Raceway Features:

  • Future Stocks
  • Feature Stocks
  • Super Stock Late Models
  • Thunder Cars
  • Modifieds
  • And Many More!

Racing School

The racing school at Edmonton International Raceway is open to anyone (male or female) who is over the age of 14. During the racing school, they will go as fast as you are comfortable and will continue to move at your speed. You will even get a picture of you in a race suit at the end of your lesson.

You also get two race tickets. Paying for someone to attend the racing school at Edmonton International Raceway is a very popularly given gift to people in the area who love racing.

Birthday Party Everyone Will Remember

If you host a birthday party at Edmonton International Raceway, all of your guests will get admission to a dinner which includes a hot dog, chips, and some soft drinks. The birthday boy or girl will get a cake with a racing theme. Birthday children will also get an engraved trophy as a birthday give.

All kids at the party will get to ride in a race car and the birthday child’s name will be announced during a race. You even get an 8x10 photo of hour child with a racer and a race car.

If you haven’t experienced Edmonton International Raceway yet, this spotlight probably makes you want to!

By Justin Havre


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