How are Saskatoon and Edmonton Similar?

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Saskatoon is being referred to as the new and hip home away from home. What a lot of people find interesting is how similar Edmonton and Saskatoon are. In fact, if you did not know any better. It would be very easy to forget you are in Saskatoon and think you are in Edmonton.

Imagine Yourself in Edmonton or Saskatoon

Just close your eyes for a moment and picture this: You are standing in the heart of the downtown portion of the city. You look outside and you see the beautiful landmarks of the city. You see what used to be a beautiful railway hotel with a green coloured copper rooftop. As you look out at the river valley, your eyes are greeted with vibrant green banks along the river.

The banks of the river are packed with activity as the people of the city engage in walking, hiking, roller blading, jogging, and biking. It is in that moment that you have to remind yourself. You are not standing in the heart of Edmonton. You are standing in the heart of Saskatoon, the crazed similarities between the views and the buildings between the two being the biggest reason why.

More than Just the Buildings and the Appearance

The statistics of these two places are very similar too. For example, the median age in Saskatoon is 34.9 years of age. The median age in Edmonton is 36. While this might not mean much because they are different numbers, it is not normal for the numbers to be so close together. Saskatoon is ranked as the youngest city in all of Canada and Edmonton is not that far behind it.

Considering the similarities between the two – it is safe to assume that if you like one of these cities, you are going to like the other one as well.

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