How many Homes do you Need to See Before you Buy?

Posted by Team on Friday, September 4th, 2015 at 11:04am.

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How many homes should you look at before making a decision is a pretty common question home buyers tend to ask. This is especially true for someone who is buying a home for the first time. The truth is – there is a lot more to consider than just the homes you look at. But, you are on the right track with assuming just looking at one or two before you buy is a bad idea.

Keep Your Options Open

In general, it is a good idea to look at five or ten homes that are within the range of what you are looking for before making a decision. You want to avoid looking at too many homes, but you want to make sure you have given yourself a chance to make a decision with enough information in hand. You do not want to buy a home only to find out there was a better home at a cheaper price down the street.

Get Your Checklist

You should quickly create a checklist of what you need your home to have. This should include the size of the rooms, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and anything else you need the house to have or want the house to not have.

In fact, having a second checklist of items you do not want your house to have is often a pretty good idea too. It will make not wasting your time looking at ones that are not going to meet your needs easier to do.

There is no magic number when it comes to how many houses you need to see before you make a purchasing decision. It is never a good idea to only look at a couple, and it is never a good idea to look at to many either. Find a number that feels good to you and go with it.

By Justin Havre


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