How to Maintain New Vinyl Windows

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New Vinyl Window MaintenanceA homeowner who has had new windows installed should be aware of the need for proper maintenance. Improper use and human negligence can result in breaks that would not be covered under the standard warranty.

Long lasting vinyl is susceptible to damage over time. Canadian homeowners who properly maintain their vinyl windows can help them last their expected lifetime. Great windows can be a great marketing idea to help sell homes faster and possibly for more money. Understand more about vinyl window maintenance fundamentals for optimal performance today.

Correct Operation of Windows

There are nuances involved with opening and closing vinyl windows. Many common problems like cracking and bowing of window frames or sashes occur due to mishandling. Use both hands when closing sliding windows. Speak with an installer to go over proper operation of new vinyl windows. Operating vinyl windows as intended can reduce the potential for breaks and other issues over time.

Basic Cleaning of Vinyl Windows

Property owners should be aware of how to clean vinyl windows inside their home. Treat glass panes with a vinegar-based cleaner or mild soap. Using a sponge, cloth or newspaper can help address streaking. Light circular motions are generally used for cleaning glass. The surfaces and frames will also need to be wiped down to prevent water damage or spotting.

Vinyl exteriors of windows have minimal maintenance requirements. It is generally recommended that the window frame is cleaned up to twice a year to avoid discoloration and deterioration of frames. Use a diluted detergent solution or mild soap to wash vinyl exteriors and avoid acidic and abrasive solvents. Apply friction with a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth. Rinse windows with clean water to remove soap residue.

Other window elements also need to be cleaned. Sash tracks and window screens also need cleaning. Remove build up on these elements with a mild soap and warm water.

Cleaning and Maintaining Hardware

In addition to cleaning windows and frames, hardware is important to the movement and locking of windows on a St. Albert home. Metal pieces and components can be cleaned with a mild soap solution intended for hinges and locks. Rinse the pieces off with water prior to lubrication. Rotary hardware can be lubricated with petroleum jelly or automotive grease. Rollers, hinges and tilt latches will need silicone based lubricants.

Routine Vinyl Window Maintenance

Today's vinyl windows require little of owners as maintenance is generally needed only once or twice during the year. It is relatively quick and easy to keep vinyl windows clean and in good operating condition. Removing collected debris and caring for the components can help homeowners avoid damage to their new vinyl windows.

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