Most Affordable Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

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Edmonton Most Affordable Neighbourhoods

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the province's cultural, governmental, and education centre. Located on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton has a population of 1,461,000. It is Alberta's second-largest city and Canada's fifth-largest city overall. Historically, the city's growth has been augmented by the absorption and annexation of a number of adjacent urban municipalities.

Edmonton serves as the north anchor of what is described as the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. The city is known for its full slate of festivals every year, earning the nickname "Canada's Festival City." It is also home to North America's largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. Of the major housing markets in Canada, Edmonton is considered to be one of the most affordable, including the city's following most affordable neighbourhoods.

Rideau Park

Rideau Park Amenities

  • Shopping
  • Public transportation
  • Library
  • Parks

Located in Southwest Edmonton, the Rideau Park neighbourhood is bordered on the south by 40 Avenue, 160 Street, and a line running one-half a block north of 40 Avenue. It is bordered to the west by 111 Street, to the north by Whitemud Drive, and on the east by Calgary Trail.

Over 80 percent of all residences within the neighbourhood trace their origins to the 1970s. The bulk of the remaining homes were built during the 1960s.

About two-thirds of Rideau Park neighbourhood residences are part of multi-housing units, including apartments and condominiums. Most buildings are five floors or fewer. The remaining residences are single-family homes and duplexes. A slight majority of the neighbourhood's residents rent their homes.

Residents have convenient access to west Edmonton, including West Edmonton Mall, via Whitemud Drive. A major shopping centre, Southgate Centre, is conveniently located in the adjacent neighbourhood of Empire Park to the north. Additionally, there is a small strip mall within the neighbourhood.

Rideau Park Hotspots

Rideau Park Shopping

Rideau Park Restaurants


Lauderdale Amenities

  • Shopping
  • Community centre
  • Ice rink
  • Fitness centre

Lauderdale is a residential neighbourhood, located in Northwest Edmonton. It borders 132 Avenue to the north, 97 street to the east, 113 A Street to the west, and 127 Avenue to the south.

The neighbourhood is named after James Lauder, an area farmer. Most of the development in Lauderdale occurred prior to the end of World War II, with two out of every five residences constructed roughly between 1946 and 1960. Development was complete by 1980.

The majority of homes in the Lauderdale neighbourhood—about 57 percent—are single-family homes. The remaining are rented apartments, duplexes, and row houses.

Grand Trunk Fitness and Leisure Centre is located in the Northwest corner of the Lauderdale neighbourhood. The community facility includes many things to do and features a fitness centre, swimming, sports courts, and an event venue. Grand Trunk Arena, an indoor ice facility, is also located there.

Residents have easy access to shopping, with Northgate Centre and North Town Mall located just to the north. The Lauderdale Community League maintains the neighbourhood's community hall and outdoor ice rink.

Lauderdale Hotspots

Lauderdale Shopping

Lauderdale Cafés


Wellington Amenities

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Community centre
  • Ice rink

Wellington is located in Northwest Edmonton. The neighbourhood is bound on the north by 137 Avenue, while 127 Street borders the neighbourhood to the east, and 132 Avenue is to the south. The western boundary of the Wellington neighbourhood lies one block west of 141 Street.

The neighbourhood was named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington. The neighbourhood is part of a large tract of land annexed to Edmonton in 1913.

About two-thirds of Wellington's residences were built between 1946 and 1960. Another one out of four were built during the 1960s. By 1970, the development of the neighbourhood was substantially finished. Single-family homes account for about 76 percent of residences here, with another 16 percent represented by row houses.

The Wellington Park Community League maintains the neighbourhood's community hall, as well as an outdoor ice rink.

Wellington neighbourhood is known for its numerous parks with mature foliage. The neighbourhood was designed based on the use of a central school and park to anchor the district.


Athlone Amenities

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Ice rink
  • Community centre

Located in Northwest Edmonton, Athlone is named after the Earl of Athlone, Canada's governor-general from 1940 to 1946. The neighbourhood is bound on the east by 127 Street, while the southern boundary lies one-half a block south of 127 Street. The neighbourhood's western boundary is split: north of 130 Avenue, it lies about one-half a block west of 139 Street, but south of 130 Avenue, the boundary is about one-half a block west of 138 Street.

Athlone's development started before the end of World War II, with approximately one out of every 15 residences dating back that far. But most of Athlone's development occurred later, between the end of the war and about 1970. The 1990s brought renewed development. Today, one in every three homes was built between 1991 and 2001.

The Athlone Community League maintains the neighbourhood's community hall, as well as an outdoor ice rink. The neighbourhood is also home to several parks, including a spray park.

Athlone Hotspots

Athlone Nightlife


Carlisle Amenities

  • Park
  • Community centre
  • Playground
  • Ice rink

Carlisle is a residential neighbourhood located in what is known as the Castledowns area of Northwest Edmonton. It is named after Carlisle Castle in England.

The neighbourhood's eastern boundary is bordered by Castledowns Road, while its southern boundary runs along 137 Street. Carlisle is bound to the north by 145 Avenue. Its western boundary follows along about one-half a block west of 123 Street until it reaches 145 Avenue, at which point it heads east until approximately 121 Street. At that point, it turns south again, ending on 137 Avenue.

Most of Carlisle's residences were constructed during the 1970s, with three out of every four completed during that period. About one in five were constructed in the 1980s. Nearly all the neighbourhood's development occurred during those two decades.

Over one-half of the residences in the Carlisle neighbourhood are single-family homes, while about one-quarter are row houses.

The Carlisle Community League maintains a community hall and outdoor ice rink for the neighbourhood's residents, who are drawn to the neighbourhood's park and recreational area at its centre.

Carlisle Hotspots

Carlisle Shopping

Carlisle Nightlife

Prince Charles

Prince Charles Amenities

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Community Centre
  • Shopping nearby

Prince Charles is a residential neighbourhood located in Northwest Edmonton. It was named in honour of Charles, Prince of Wales. The neighbourhood's northern boundary runs along Yellowhead Trail, while it is bordered to the west by 127 Street. On the east, it borders 121 Street and to the south, 118 Avenue, which eventually turns into Kingsway Avenue.

The Prince Charles neighbourhood was established in 1905 and annexed in 1910, with considerable new construction taking place prior to the end of World War II. Development was spurred by the construction of an electric street car line along its southern border.

About 70 percent of all residences were constructed between 1946 and 1960, with construction substantially complete by 1980. Single-family homes are the most common types of residences, with only about 3 percent rented apartment dwellings.

Kingsway Avenue offers residents convenient access to shopping at Kingsway Mall just a short distance away, as well as access to shopping and other amenities in the downtown area. It is also the primary access to healthcare at Royal Alexandra Hospital. The Prince Charles Community League operates the neighbourhood's community centre.

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Discover Edmonton's Most Affordable Neighbourhoods

The residential neighbourhoods within Edmonton offer a variety of amenities, as well as history and culture. Many appeal to residents because they offer easy access to major retail and entertainment areas, while still maintaining a quiet, residential district with parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, and community centres.

Edmonton boasts some of the most affordable housing among Canada's large metro areas, with many of its most affordable neighbourhoods in the Northwest region of the city. These neighbourhoods vary in their history and architectural style, but all offer residents neighbourhood amenities such as parks, playgrounds, and ice rinks. Many also provide ready access to shopping, the airport, downtown, and other services. When looking for an affordable neighbourhood, you should also look at the cost of living, including utilities and insurance. Consider getting quotes from the best home insurance companies to see if they can give you the best deal.

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