All There is to Know About Moving to Edmonton, Alberta

Posted by Team on Thursday, March 19th, 2020 at 9:34am.

Learning All About Moving to Edmonton, AlbertaNearly one million people proudly reside in Edmonton, Alberta, and for good reason. From its breathtaking landscapes to many fun things to do, there is simply a lot to love about this region. Before moving here, however, it is important to learn all there is to know about this area to figure out if it is the best place to buy a home. With this information, everyone can determine if moving to Edmonton will suit their needs. To help with that, here's a look at just what to expect from this region.

Sunny Weather is the Norm

Edmonton is known as one of the sunniest areas in all of Canada. While living in this gorgeous region, residents can enjoy nearly 2,300 hours of sunshine every year. The sun shines brightly year-round, though July sees the most rays out of all the other months.

Even when it is cloudy, it hardly ever rains, keeping the streets and trails dry for everyone's adventures. Temperatures remain moderate as well, ensuring most people can get by with a light jacket throughout most of the year.

Festivals are Always on the Schedule

With all the fun events held during the year, Edmonton definitely earns the right to be called the festival city. The events celebrate all there is to love about the region and more, bringing the community together at least several times a month.

Community members may attend these events to enjoy:

The events may even help bring awareness to serious issues around the world, helping everyone come together to find a solution. Even when focused on serious issues, the atmosphere remains peaceful and lighthearted to keep the fun going through the weekend or longer.

Residents often gain a greater appreciation for their community and their region by attending these events. Many even walk away with newfound friends and professional contacts to connect with in the future.

The Riverboat Provides Excellent Views

To see the region in a whole new light, all it takes is a moment aboard the Edmonton Riverboat. This amazing water vessel runs along the North Saskatchewan River as soon as the ice melts away for the season.

The boat recently underwent renovations to bring it up to modern standards and provide all guests with true creature comforts. During the renovations, they put in new:

  • Bars
  • Flooring
  • Interior décor

They also redid all the washrooms to make them more pleasant to visit throughout the ride.

Each tour takes about one hour to complete and is well worth the trip. Riders can view the beautiful cityscape from the deck plus take in all the stunning views of the waterway and surrounding landscape. The small kitchen serves drinks and snacks to order, keeping everyone well-fed and satisfied with their trip.

Low Taxes Make Shopping Fun

Shopping in Edmonton is always a blast, as there is no provincial sales taxes added on the cost of items. Shoppers are only hit with the 5% federal GST tax, which keeps their totals low and wards away sticker shock.

From its many festivals to low tax rates, there certainly is a lot to love about this region. With a look at all these areas, everyone can decide if they are ready for the next step in moving to Edmonton.

By Justin Havre


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