Popular Books and Famous Authors from Edmonton

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Famous Authors in Edmonton ABEdmonton has seen many local authors create best-selling books. Some of the authors are known across the world, while others are only known throughout Canada or North America. Here are some of the most famous authors from Edmonton and some of the most popular books written by authors from the city.

Famous Edmonton Authors

Many famous people have called Edmonton home including some well-known authors. Some of the most famous authors from the city include:

  • Ted Bishop - Riding with Rilke
  • Brion Gysin - Artist and a Writer
  • Carl Honore - Praise of Slowness
  • Mel Hurtig - Politician, author and publisher
  • W.P. Kinsella - Shoeless Joe later turned into the film Field of Dreams
  • Myrna Kostash - Author of All of Baba's Children and seven other books
  • Stewart Lemoine - Playwright
  • Robert Young Pelton - Author

Some of the most famous contributions to the literary world came from these authors.

Other popular books and authors from Edmonton include:

  • Jessica Kluthe - Rosina, the Midwife
  • Jason Lee Norman - Americas and Beautiful Girls & Famous Men
  • Lynn Coady - Mean Boy
  • Minister Faust - From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain and The Alchemists of Kush
  • Gloria Sawai - A Song for Nettie Johnson
  • Thomas Trofimuk - Waiting for Columbus
  • Jenna Butler - Aphelion and Seldom Seen Road
  • Karen Spafford-Fitz - Vanish
  • Michael Hingston - The Dilettantes
  • Todd Babiak - The Book of Stanley
  • Marty Chan - Barnabas Bigfoot: A Close Shave
  • Sophie B. Watson - Cadillac Couches
  • N. Tran-Davies - Daddy is a Conundrum!
  • Thea Bowering - Love at Last Sight
  • Nicole Luiken - Violet Eyes and Silver Eyes
  • Julie Smallwood - The Helm
  • Elleen Bell - The Puzzle Box

These are just a few of the long list of books and authors from the local scene in Edmonton.

Publishing Houses In Edmonton

Edmonton has a number of opportunities for those looking for a publishing house for their new novel. Folklore Publishing, Ltd, Lone Pine Publishing, and NeWest Publishers Ltd are all located in Edmonton and provide full publishing services for new and experienced authors. Grass Roots Press is also available, Page Master Publication Services, and the University of Alberta Press. The Book Publishers Association of Edmonton is also in the area, established in 1975 and supports the development of the publishing industry in the area. They work with more than 30 publishing companies, publishing books written by local, regional, and international authors to promote their work. The Edmonton area is a thriving community fo book publishers which has turned away from traditional publishing methods to make publishing more accessible to the new writer.

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