Restaurant Spotlight: Red Ox Inn

Posted by on Monday, October 12th, 2015 at 10:11am.


Red Ox Inn is a place for individuals who are serious about enjoying food, but want to do so in a casual experience. Frank and Andrea Olson have worked together to create a strong place that is loyal to its customers all the time. The staff members have all been around for a long time and everything is produced locally.

Who Are Frank and Andrea Olson?

Frank and Andrea Olson have been the proud owners of this establishment for more than 15 years. They were in the food and casual dining industry for another decade before they took on the Red Ox Inn. One day, they just decided they wanted more.

Today, they have three children and a 12 table empire that they are proud to call their own. Frank and Andrea Olson have the goal of coming up with new ideas to bring to the tables of their customers and the kitchens of their staff.

The Cook – Sean

Sean developed an interest in food at a very young age. In between watching what he considered to be “good” cartoons, he would flip over and watch cooking shows. He was also one of the only boys who was in a cooking class.

He found out that he loved cooking and continued to pursue cooking going to a culinary school and soaking everything in. He perfected his cooking skills when he was working at the Hardware Grill for four years while he was a student.

He loves to travel and thanks his interest in traveling on his ability to cook delicious food. Sean uses his skills and his broad knowledge of the world to provide customers with food they cannot get anywhere else.

Red Ox Inn is a small establishment, but they care about their customers and they provide you with a dining experience you are not going to get anywhere else.

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