Restaurant Spotlight: Solstice Seasonal Cuisine

Posted by Team on Monday, August 31st, 2015 at 8:09am.


Solstice Seasonal Cuisine is an establishment that takes great pride in only serving seasonal and fresh ingredients to their customers. Naturally, this means that their menu does change with the seasons. They don’t believe in serving you tomatoes or squash when they are out of season and not at their best. You deserve to be pampered with only the best vegetables and fruits that are currently in season.

A Little More About Their Methods and Food

Solstice Seasonal Cuisine only cooks with fresh herbs and spices that were grown on site in their very own herb garden. The herbs and spices are used to perfectly complement each dish. They go the extra mile to complement their food with delicious cocktails that are hand crafted to perfection at the bar. They serve glasses of wine you are only going to find at some of the best wineries in the entire world.

When you want wholesome food, exceptional customer service, and a sense of community – this is a place you want to come for your next meal.

A Seasonal Cuisine

What makes this place so unique is that it doesn’t offer a traditional cuisine like most places you would go for dinner. You are not going to find another place that believes in having a “seasonal” cuisine. This is because other places find it too expensive and time consuming to constantly change their menu and their dishes. The truth is, it is a breath of fresh air to have a rotating menu. There is almost always something new on the menu to try because they are always exploring new dishes.

This is a place you are not going to regret eating regardless of what season it currently is outside. Just come in, grab a table, and check out the menu. Don’t forget to try a cocktail if you like alcohol.

By Justin Havre


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