What School Districts Are There In Edmonton, AB?

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What Are the Best Schools in Edmonton, AB?The main school districts in Edmonton, AB are Edmonton Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic School District. As the second-largest district in all of Alberta, Edmonton Public Schools serves 104,000 students across 213 schools. The Catholic district serves 42,000 students across 100 schools. Families who want to send their children to a proactive and inclusive learning institution should keep the following facts in mind.

How It Works

Every address in Edmonton will have a variety of public schools attached to it, and parents may have several options to consider (depending on where they live). For example, they may have two junior high schools within their designated address. Parents are guaranteed a spot for their children at the designated schools, so long as the pre-enrollment is completed before April 15.

Edmonton also allows parents to apply for any other school in the public school district. There are only two qualifying factors for this: the school must have the space to accept the child, and the child must meet all entrance requirements. The criteria for each student will depend based on the school. Parents can also choose private education through Edmonton Catholic Schools. The district has a school-finder tool that parents can use to see the school for their address.

Something for Everyone

Fostering and encouraging a child means giving each student a chance to shine. It's why Edmonton offers a wide variety of programs and learning spaces from which to choose. The school district encourages parents to consider their child's strengths and the school's culture before making a final decision; or, parents can choose Edmonton Catholic Schools for holistic education. This school district promises to nourish the child's spirit as well as their mind.

How to Choose

Here are a few tips for choosing the right school for each child:

  • Interests: Does the child love to read? Draw? Act? Play? Every school and its teachers will have slightly different teaching styles, so consider how the child will react both in and out of the classroom.
  • Location: Not all parents will be able to take their child to school, especially if the best fit is located several miles away. If it will be difficult for the child to get to school, it may not be worth the additional drive.
  • Child care: From start times to after-school activities, parents need to consider how their child care (or lack thereof) will influence their child's time at school.

Look for Answers

Parents can find plenty of information on each school's individual website when they're considering their choices, but not everything can be done online. Now is also a good time to attend Open Houses, schedule a tour of the school, or take a meeting with the school's principal.

This is the best way to get questions answered, especially for parents who have narrowed it down between two schools. Families can also explore different opportunities according to each school. For example, there may be a convenient public transportation route for the child to use. Or, there may be an enrichment program that can solve the childcare problem.

Each of the Edmonton School Districts has made choice one of their top priorities. They want parents and kids alike to have all the information at their fingertips, so they can feel comfortable and confident with whatever decision they make.

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