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The Best April Events in EdmontonEach April, residents look forward to several key events that are held throughout Edmonton. Attending these events on an annual basis has even become tradition for some, as they can be counted on to arrive like clockwork. There are many events that occur throughout the month in this region, so it can be difficult to zero in on the best options. Thankfully, this guide will help those who are looking for the best recurring April events in Edmonton.

Edmonton Poetry Festival

Many local poetry groups came together to create the Edmonton Poetry Festival. This all-ages event celebrates their shared love of poetry with a schedule full of live readings and educational workshops. A wide range of poetry styles are represented across the weeklong festival, including slam readings.

As artists come together to enjoy each other works and learn what they can about their craft, they build the skills they will present at next year's festival. The presentations last about two hours each and center around specific topics. For each scheduled workshop, up to a dozen poets come together to present their poems and explore different perspectives about the topic at hand.

Edmonton Tattoo and Arts Festival

For the past few years, artists from all around the world have made it their mission to come to the Edmonton Tattoo and Arts Festival to show off their skills. This festival welcomes all ages of people who want to see amazing works of art and learn about the techniques used to create them.

Across the three day event, featured tattoo artists showcase their expertise by completing their works live in front of an audience. People with beautiful tattoos can also strut their stuff in the many contests held each day. Between the contests, various live performance artists keep the entertainment going all day and night long.

Edmonton Motorshow

At the Edmonton Motorshow, automotive enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the most amazing rides available today. For over 42 years, this event has served as the place to go to get hyped about the automotive world. Visitors of all ages can walk the venue to view all the amazing supercars, classics and modern vehicles on display. This might take much of the three day event as there are more than 750 cars to view.

In addition to the incredible view, guests can delight in the test drive zones and driving simulators peppered across the venue. They can see how the vehicles perform in different environments and experience all they have to offer for themselves.

Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival

At venues across the region, residents can attend performance held through the Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival. For the past 111 years, this festival has given local musicians a way to perform onstage and share their love of music with their community. The performances are held at:

  • College campuses
  • High schools
  • Performing arts centers
  • Churches

Residents can help kick off this event by attending the gala held in mid-April each year. The gala centers around a beautiful musical performance followed by a reception. The rest of the performances follow in the weeks after with musicians of all disciplines singing and playing. In addition to viewing the performances, attendees can take classes in the art of playing many different instruments, including piano and woodwinds.

The best Edmonton events in April only come once a year, of course, but they are well worth the wait. Residents can pencil in these awesome events into their itinerary to start planning to have an amazing time.

—- The Best April Events in Edmonton April events in Edmonton, Edmonton events in April When the spring season rolls around, it is time for residents to start attending their favorite Edmonton events in April. Here are a few fan favorites.

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