The Best Autumn Festivals in Edmonton, AB

Posted by Team on Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 1:42pm.

The Best Festivals in Edmonton in the Fall

Edmonton is the city of festivals in Alberta, and whether you're in the balmy warmth of summer or the frigid depths of winter, there's always some event to go celebrate. If you're looking for a festival to check out this autumn, look no further than one of these great events.

Farmfair International

For the last 40 years Farmfair International has taken place in the Northlands. It is considered one of the top agricultural shows in all of Canada. Every year thousands of guests visit the Farmfair International, which takes place at the Edmonton EXPO Centre, to not only showcase, but also sell, their top quality livestock.

This year Farmfair International will welcome international buyers from places such as North America, South America, Latin America and Oceania just to name a few. There will also be a host of local ranchers in attendance as well.

As a visitor you will be entertained with competitions, equine sales, beefed up purebred cattle shows, clinics, and commercial cattle shows just to name a few. There will also be dog trails you can enjoy.


Halloween is just around the corner, and DEDfest is ready to get you on the edge of the seat with its spine-chilling films. If you think this is your cup-of-tea; come on out and enjoy one of the 2015 films offered. The theater ghouls and ghosts await your appearance.

If a bit of horror and gore does not bother you, this is the event of the year with all its flesh-rending and blood-curdling events. This year is promised to be bigger and better and have more mayhem and kickin' that ever.

Pure Spec

Are you into science fiction? If so, you are going to want to keep reading to learn more about an event that is coming to Edmonton that you are NOT going to want to miss.

If you consider yourself to be a person who loves fantasy and science fiction, this is one of those festivals you are going to want to make sure you have penciled into your calendar. Pure Speculation is the only festival in all of Edmonton, Alberta with a fantasy and science fiction theme. This festival takes place during the fall every single year.

Pure Spec is back for another year of fun and excitement. Check out the festival and have a good time enjoying a weekend of fiction and science. There are tons of educational lectures for you to enjoy. You can feed your mind and enjoy presentations that will amaze and astound you.

Did you know this is a festival that has been happening in Edmonton, Alberta since the year 2005? Since that very first year, this festival has provided all of its guests with discussions and presentations that revolve around the sci-fi culture, fandom, and media.

The Pure Speculation Festival Society of Alberta is honoured to be the host of this event which takes place in Edmonton each and every year. This event is a great time to explore the culture of sci-fi. You can come together with both fans and creators to enjoy your favourite hobbies, characters, media, and personalities.

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

Are you someone who enjoys a nice glass of wine? Maybe you are someone who really likes food? The Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival is happening for another year this autumn for wine aficionados across Edmonton.

If you are someone who has always wanted to taste wine from all over the world, you are going to love the Edmonton Grand Tasting Hall. This hall will feature a very large collection of wine that does come from all over the world. There will be spirits, malts, blends, specialty drinks, ports, imports, and micro-brew. It is safe to assume there will be a little something for everyone at this event.


Once again this autumn LitFest will be in town. It is the only nonfiction festival in all of Canada. It started over 10 years ago and is a spin-off of the Alberta Book Fair. As you probably already know, LitFest is all about reading great books. It’s not just about reading. The books are actually brought to life through a series of different events, gatherings and experiences. LitFest is a very exclusive event where avid readers and award winning writers can come together and do what they love the most. Read! Besides introducing people to new reading opportunities the festival is also there to help turn Edmonton into an incubator for nonfiction writers.

Over the course of 10 days there will be several different events you can partake in. There is story slam and of course the opportunity to meet several different nonfiction authors. If you love reading, gear up for a great LitFest to sate all your literary needs.

River City Round Up

The River City Roundup is a wonderful celebration that lasts for ten days and will be held from November 2 through to November 11, and honors the western heritage and rich agriculture of Edmonton. The Farm Fair International and Canadian Finals Rodeo are both held here, while there will also be a “Great Chili Cook-Off” that is sure to please the food lover in all of us.

From November 2nd to the 11th, the city will become the place for western and agriculture. This festival of fun will include great food, music and all kinds of events.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival

September brings plenty of new events to the Edmonton area. One of the best family events coming in the month of September is the Kaleido Family Arts Festival. With plenty of art on display, theatre, dancing, film and visual art, everybody can find something they love.

The festival explores unique spaces and allows art loves to enjoy something unique. This weekend of play will cover most a portion of Alberta Avenue and it's a free event for everybody. Donations are welcome, however.

Edmonton International Film Festival

Being a newbie at the film-making industry can be hard, especially since most people are only interested in those flicks created by the biggest names in Hollywood. Trying to get exposure in the cinema our world is an undeniably a difficult task, but thanks to numerous film festival organizations, inexperienced film-makers are getting better chances at making a name for themselves as well.

Aside from local submissions, filmmakers from other parts of the world have submitted their projects as well. Considering how the EIFF does a great job at creating a buzz around entries, as well as the fact that citizens of Edmonton are supportive to contestants, it’s no surprise that many participants would be willing to travel halfway across the globe to participate in the event.

Edmonton is the city of festivals, and it’s no wonder that people enjoy celebrating all types of events in this city. If you’re in Edmonton and are looking for something to do, find an Edmonton festival to explore no matter the season.

By Justin Havre


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