Where Are the Best Bistros in Edmonton?

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The Best Bistros in EdmontonThere are a variety of bistros in the Edmonton area. If you just want a snack or a nice sit down dinner, Edmonton has something to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Here are some bistros to try out in the Edmonton area.

Cibo Bistro

Cibo Bistro proudly services the Edmonton area with real authentic Italian food. They prepare dishes with fresh ingredients that are bought locally. Supporting local farmers and producers is highly important to Cibo Bistro. All dishes are prepared in house each day. The Bistro is owned and operated by Chef Rosario Caputo.

A great place to celebrate a special occasion, and there is outdoor dining available. The decor is warm and inviting, and the floor to ceiling windows will give you a great view while dining. The Bistro is located in the Olive Square area, and service is friendly and helpful. The setting is intimate,as there are candles lit on each table.

The Italian meaning of Cibo is food, and that is what this Bistro does best. You will find that the menu is simplistic in nature, and really concentrates on offering fresh ingredients. They go as far as curing their meats, produce their own cheese, and make their pasta from scratch. The menu offerings change with the seasons.

The dining room comfortably seats 50 people, and makes the perfect place to bring a date. Cibo Bistro is open Tuesday through Friday from 11:30am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm, and open Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. They are closed on Sunday and Monday, and offer both lunch and dinner.

Continental Treat Fine Bistro

A family affair is the words used to describe what the Continental Treat Fine Bistro is and what it has to offer its customers. This is a restaurant that has been passed down through more than one generation of the Borówka Family.

The beauty of this restaurant is that it has been passed from one generation to the next without faltering in terms of the services and quality of food it provides to its customers. The goal of this spotlight is to offer you a closer look at what this cute little bistro is and what it has to offer in the off chance that you decide you want to come here for your next meal.

Luxury, elegance, and pure charm are what the ambiance of this family bistro has to offer. During the daylight hours, you can sit and enjoy a lot of lovely classical music while you are eating your food. Once the sun starts to go down, they light to switch things up and play some soft and slow Jazz music. Many of the customers agree the ambiance and the music within the establishment just makes the place “feel right” while you are enjoying your meal.

Glasshouse Bistro

The Glasshouse Bistro is located at 101 Riel Drive. They serve bistro foods using local and organic ingredients. The have a lunch bar, coffee bar and dining hours. Their lunch menu features cuisine like Pan Seared Salmon, Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Bistro Grilled Chicken Salad. Their dinner menu features cuisine like Herbed Cod and Salmon Cake, Beef Short Ribs and Lemon Herb Spring Chicken.

The Marc

The Marc opened in 2010, an has been well noted as a casual dining establishment in the Edmonton area ever since. When you dine at The Marc, you can expect to experience classic French dishes in a modern way.

They are well known for their muscles, homemade Frites and robust wine offerings. Rather, you want to relax at the bar and grab a few drinks, or grab a quick meal at the communal table, you are sure to walk away feeling full and happy.       

It has always been a goal to bring a true French Bistro to the area. The Marc focuses on offering classic French cuisine at a decent price. They have had many honorable mentions such as,  Ann Hardy’s “Where to eat in Canada” and the “People Choice Award” at the Mount Royal Cook off for their Mac and Cheese.

The Marc Restaurant offers fine French cuisine in their dining room that features shades of white, black and taupe colors along with a marble bar and sparkling pendant lights. Their lunch menu features options such as Caesar Salad, Brisket Sandwich and Grilled Bavette. Their dinner menu features options such as Duck Confit, Cornish Hen and Seared Scallops.

The Marc Restaurant is located at the corner of 106th Street and 100th Avenue NW. It is owned by Patrick and Doris Saurette. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner and closed on Sunday.

Edmonton has a host of delicious bistros perfect for a casual outing. Try one of these bistros today and enjoy your meal out alone or with friends or family.

By Justin Havre


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