The Best Chinese Food in Edmonton

Posted by Terry Paranych on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at 8:45am.

The Best Chinese Restaurants in EdmontonIf you are looking for great Chinese or Szechuan dining in Edmonton then take yourself over to the many Chinese restaurants in Edmonton. Head inside one of these restaurants and experience some amazing Chinese dishes full of flavor and authenticity.

Golden Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant

The Golden Rice Bowl has been servicing the city of Edmonton since 1975. They must be doing something right to be around that long and having received the Golden Fork Award for the “Best Dim Sum” in 2007, that’s a great place to start.

Good Dim Sum is hard to find. How do you find good Dim Sum? Look for the lines! Don’t be surprised when you arrive at the Golden Rice Bowl for their Dim Sum to have to wait for it. But wait for it you should, because once those food carts come rolling to your table and start offering up their tasty tidbits you won’t want to stop eating.

You can stick to traditional dumplings and spring rolls or get crazy and try more exotic dishes like chicken’s feet and beef stomach. There are more than 50 choices daily including desserts. If you don’t see what you want, just wait, it will come around eventually.

If you aren’t into Dim Sum, then there is a full authentic Chinese menu offering up a plethora of traditional and interesting dishes. Don’t hesitate to ask your servers for help. If you can’t choose just one, try the ten course tasting menu, but only if you have six or more in your party. The Peking Duck is a big hit and sells out nightly.

Be sure to check out their top quality seafood dishes! Most of their seafood inventory is kept live, so your seafood is as fresh as if you just pulled it out of the ocean.

Blue Willow Restaurant

For those of you who are into Asian dining the Blue Willow Restaurant may have just what you need. This family-owned restaurant takes pride in the food offered and with well over 50 years of experience they have won the Best Business Award, Where Magazine’s Most Memorable Meal Award, and the Vue Weekly Fork Award to name a few.

There are several savoury Asian dishes you can take advantage of while the staff offers a personable and colourful staff which treat you to a relaxing environment in the dining room. You can enjoy Asian dining at its best and its finest with a relaxing evening with the numerous dishes that will take your taste buds on a ride full of flavour from different parts of the culture.

This restaurant has been around since 1958 and is located on Capital Theatre and has become known for its elegant dining. The main floor dining room serves both Chinese and Canadian cuisine and coming into the restaurant customers are welcomed with a walking bridge over a pond that leads to the dining room. There is a basement that becomes common for the late-night clientele. The upstairs became used for dancing as well as dining with a 3 piece band and also a vocalist.

If you are vegan, you can take advantage of the many vegan dishes that are offered and you can also ask for gluten free dishes that are served. You can choose from a number of dishes and ask that they be served with no meat for those who are vegan and enjoy the same great taste. Enjoy vegetarian spring rolls and also tofu in oyster, chili, or black bean sauce.

There are several beef, chicken and vegetable dishes to choose from that can allow you to enjoy the many dishes of this amazing Asian cuisine. The atmosphere allows you to dine in elegance and a quiet atmosphere that is great for a date or for parties and other celebrations.

Try a Chinese Restaurant in Edmonton Today

Edmonton has a host of great Chinese restaurants to visit when you’re craving good cuisine. Try one of these Chinese restaurants to get your fill of delicious rice, tempura, wonton, and more today.

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