The Best Smart Tech Ideas to Add Before Selling

Posted by Terry Paranych on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 11:39am.

Home Technology for SellersWhen selling a home, there are a lot of great options that can be added to entice buyers. Some of them are going to be more popular than others, but one of the best choices is smart tech. With so much technology offered, and with a variety of advancements to choose from, sellers can install many different features that can interest a buyer in their home. A lot of these options are not overly expensive, so they can be wise investments when it comes to getting a good price for a house and finding a buyer quickly. A shorter time on the market and a fair price are very helpful for a seller who's looking to move on to a new place.

The Smart Thermostat

No longer do buyers have to get up and set the temperature at specific times during the day. Instead, a seller can put in a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can be programmed by the buyers to automatically raise and lower the temperature at particular times. A lot of people make temperature changes in their home when they get up in the morning, before they go to bed at night, and when they return from work in the evening. Smart thermostats are often able to be controlled from a computer or cell phone, too, so the temperature can be conveniently changed even if the homeowner is somewhere else at the time.

Smart Lighting and Bulbs

Being able to turn lights on and off when you aren't home is a great way to make sure the house isn't dark when you arrive after work, or people walking past don't realize there isn't anyone home. It can keep a house safer, and make it much more convenient for the homeowner. As a seller, putting in smart lighting options and bulbs including those that can be brightened, dimmed or have their colour changed, is a great way to add some extra appeal to a house. Buyers will like having options for lighting changes, and the extra measure of control and security that comes with that.

Amazon Echo

Just speak, and it's possible to order from Amazon. Playing music and doing a host of other things are also options with technology from Amazon. Having one of these in the house and leaving it for the buyer to enjoy is a great incentive to get someone to purchase the house. Most people like technology, and they want to use and appreciate it. They also like to experiment with it, so not being required to buy new technology for the house they purchase can help them make their decision. In a tight real estate market, having smart tech in your house could mean being chosen over a competing home.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

Tankless hot water systems are getting more efficient and soon, new incentives will make them more feasible for Edmonton home owners. There's nothing like an endless supply of hot water and people are warming up to their environmental benefits not to mention the economy.

Conventional hot water heaters and tanks can be real drain on your household budget, using nearly 20% of the energy in every Edmonton household. Only home heating comes first. New building codes are helping to reinforce the notion that hot water costs need to be more reasonable. Replacing your old tank with a highly efficient tankless model may also be a great selling feature for your Edmonton home.

Getting hot water on demand is great, but sometimes there are different sorts of complications with a tankless system. We have hard water in Edmonton, which can cause buildup from minerals such as calcium and magnesium in that hard water and clog up the small passageways inside the system which will restrict flow. They have to be descaled on a regular basis or home owners need to use a water softener in conjunction with their tankless system.

According to, a tankless system can cost anywhere from $837 to $2,300 up to as much as $3,600 plus installation. It depends on the size of your system, where in your home it needs to go and accessibility of venting and how many gas lines need to be rerouted.

A new unit should come with at least a 10-year warranty and installation should also be guaranteed.

Watch Your Home Anytime With Security Cameras

Feeling secure is important, and it's something buyers generally appreciate. Any seller can help potential buyers get that feeling of security by installing a smart security system. With cameras that collect and record video and audio, and a way to access those cameras from a computer or cell phone, a buyer can move into their new home and know that they can watch it even when they are at work, at the store, or on vacation. Having smart tech that does amazing things is nice, but the feeling of safety and security a seller provides with smart technology and cameras is a winning option for many buyers.

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