Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Edmonton: Edmonton, AB Luxury Living Guide

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Edmonton Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, Canada, and the second-largest city in this province. It is considered a cultural and economic hub of Canada and hosts many festivals and cultural events throughout the year.

The cultural appeal of the city paired with the many businesses that call Alberta home makes Edmonton a popular place to live. For potential home buyers looking at real estate in Edmonton, the options can be a little overwhelming. The following information about four of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Edmonton may make finding the ideal community a bit easier.

Wedgewood Heights

Wedgewood Heights Amenities

  • Beautiful central park
  • Only one entrance into community
  • Quick access to Edmonton International Airport
  • Walking trails
  • Wedgewood Ravine

Wedgewood Heights got its start in the 1960s. However, it remained a very small development until the 80s and 90s when the city began expanding, and the need for additional housing grew at a more rapid pace. The neighbourhood is in the western part of the city, and most of the community's streets are named after well-known Edmonton residents. Because this community grew over the decades instead of all at once, it is possible to find houses in almost every budget and for every style.

Wedgewood Heights is a little more spread out than some other neighbourhoods in Edmonton, but the sense of community is still quite strong. Best of all, Wedgewood Heights is conveniently located from a transit standpoint, making it a great place to live for those who work in the business epicentre of the city.

Wedgewood Heights Hotspots

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Windermere Amenities

  • North Saskatchewan River
  • Large shopping area
  • Large entertainment area
  • Proximity to golf clubs
  • Walking distance from Current of Windermere

Windermere roughly translates into "to take one's breath away." It only makes sense that this neighbourhood in Southwest Edmonton is known for its breathtaking views. Windermere is situated at a higher elevation than most of the city and is bordered by the North Saskatchewan River Valley. This neighbourhood is known for its luxury homes, many topping out in the multi-million dollar range. For the home buyer on a budget, however, there are many other more affordable spots in this community.

In addition to the beautiful views, Windermere is close-knit and welcoming to new residents. Homebuyers with school-age children will be pleased with the schooling options right in the neighbourhood, including both public and private schools.


Blackburne Amenities

  • Overlooks Blackmud Creek Ravine
  • Calgary Trail
  • Blackburn Creek Park
  • Winding creek trails
  • Century Park is closest LRT Station

Another hotspot for home shoppers in Southwest Edmonton is Blackburne. This particular neighbourhood is unique in that the great majority of the construction is less than 30 years old. The area was annexed officially into Edmonton in 1982, but according to census records, all residential construction occurred from the year 1990 forward.

For those looking for a house with all the modern features, there may not be a better place to search than in the Blackburne community. There are some multi-family housing options here as well as single-family homes for all budgets. All things considered, Blackburne is a thriving community that attracts many people who come to the city for work.

Blackburne Hotspots

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Henderson Estates

Henderson Estates Amenities

  • Borders North Saskatchewan River
  • Walking trails
  • Henderson Park
  • Heath Road Park
  • Easy access to public transit
  • Terwillegar Park nearby with canoe launch

Overlooking the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Henderson Estates came into prominence in the 1980s. In the years since, the area has built up to become an appealing community for those who like the convenience of city living but the friendliness and warmth of the suburbs. The area where Henderson Estates is located was formerly agricultural, so new residents will find plenty of greenery throughout the community.

Most of the houses in Henderson Estates are single-family homes with a wide range of prices. However, there is a small percentage of duplexes available. Although some homes in Henderson Estates are closing in on 40 years old, there are still plenty of new construction projects taking place.

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Cameron Heights

Cameron Heights Amenities

  • Newer neighborhood
  • Overlooking North Saskatchewan River Valley
  • Central Park area
  • Three natural ravine systems nearby

Cameron Heights is named after a former town council member, John Cameron. There is only one road that leads directly to this community in West Edmonton. As such, Cameron Heights feels a bit more remote than other neighbourhoods. Much of the housing development in Cameron Heights has occurred in the last decade or so, making it a great place to find a modern home. Pair that with the great views, and newcomers will have one of the best places to call home in Edmonton.

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Edmonton: A Place for Everyone

While these neighbourhoods are some of the more expensive in Edmonton, they are certainly not the only desirable spots. Depending on a buyer's needs, other neighbourhoods may be a good fit too. No matter where a homeowner winds up in Edmonton, the appeal of the city, excellent public transportation, and friendly residents are sure to make it an ideal place to call home.

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