Top Edmonton Real Estate Trend - Urbanization

Posted by on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at 11:01am.

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At the moment, it looks like the Canadian economy is seeing a steady incline. This is allowing Canadians to enjoy life with stability in everything around them. The real estate market is ever changing, as it is based on demands according to location. There seems to be a large demand in the Edmonton area at the moment, with construction of condo’s. Apartments are even being transformed into condo’s to allow for more living area.

In the heart of Edmonton, you will experience urbanization first hand. Baby boomers are now aging, and that has caused a need for homes that are low maintenance. Now that their families are raised, they are looking for little responsibilities when it comes to chores around the house. They now have time to travel, and enjoy the things they put on hold to raise their family.

That is why more demand is being put on the downtown area. Individuals want to be closer to the activities they love and partake in more often than ever before. It is predicted that the urbanization in Edmonton will continue for years to come. The young business professionals do not want to commute for long periods of time, and they too are opting for residence in the downtown area.

Time is valuable, and people do not want to spend their free time traveling. They want easy access, and being able to walk to a restaurant is in high demand. Downtown living is much different then it once was. There are a variety of Canadian communities that enhanced their downtown areas with shopping, entertainment, cultural and sporting events. This has made the downtown area more attractive than ever.

Active lifestyles are also catered by the downtown area. With walking as an option, people have the opportunity to become healthier. It’s a win-win situation for the downtown Edmonton area, as well as individuals.

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