What Should You Consider if you're Buying a Home and Expecting a Baby Soon?

Posted by Terry Paranych on Friday, November 30th, 2018 at 12:23pm.

What to Know When Buying a Home With a Baby on the WayFor those in the market to buy a home that are also expecting a baby, you might want to make some considerations for how the baby will function in the home you are choosing. You need to make sure there will be enough bedrooms for your growing family, you are moving into a neighbourhood with a good sense of community and that your home is going to be safe for little ones. Whether you are pregnant now or looking to start a family soon, here are the items to consider for your .

Safety First When Buying a Home

Along with baby-proofing the home, you want to make sure to choose a home that is going to be safe overall. Having a safe environment for the baby is crucial. This may not be the time to buy a home with a pool since a toddler could have a potentially fatal fall and the kids won't be old enough to actually enjoy it safely for many years.

Is the house fenced in by a sharp fence that a crawling baby could get hurt on? Does the house have stairs with a winding staircase that a little one could fall on? You'll have to get baby gates so buying a home with many stairs could add this extra cost. Keep in mind these safety hazards for babies and toddlers specifically.

Comfort in the Home

Think about the comfort level of the home. Some people prefer soft carpet because hardwood floors can get cold and are rock solid. If you have too many windows, you might find it hard to keep the room warm on a cold winter's day. If you walk through the home and picture a crawling baby, you might find quirks of the home that are not safe or comfortable for a baby to crawl, walk or simply exist in. sometimes real estate agents will be able to point out flaws for parents with babies in a certain home.

What Makes a Neighbourhood Good For Children?

Think about what the neighbourhood offers. It is helpful to be near a grocery store and baby-friendly activities like a library that offers story time. Being near a park is great for toddlers. Make sure you are buy baby-friendly facilities such as these and a day care.

A neighbourhood that is good for children will have sidewalks for easy transportation from one house to another. This makes it easy for children to visit other kids in the neighbourhood. Sidewalks also make it possible to ride a bike without playing in the street.

A good neighbourhood for children will also have a park or nearby school where kids can play on the playground. Close schools are good for a variety of reasons, because older children can walk themselves to school if it's located in the neighbourhood. 

These are a few items to consider when buying a home with a new baby.

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