What will you find at the Deadmonton Haunted House?

Posted by on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at 9:18am.


All the ghosts and goblins in downtown’s Edmonton's Haunted House are waiting to share some ghoulish time with you during the holiday season of 2015. It will be a chilling event for all children 12 years old and up (grownups too). Deadmonton House is the first of its kind and cannot wait to send the chills run down your spine. Wait until you hear some of the events it will share with you and your scariest friends.

Many years ago, as the legend states, the Williams family had a super pumpkin business until it was destroyed by a flood. As each year passes, the farm has grown as slews of people have visited the farm totally amazed, but were never seen again. People constantly bicker of what really happens at the abandoned farm; you know how coffee shop gossip is!

A local film crew decided, what a fantastic place it would be to use the farm and use the local abandoned theatre for its premier event. Others in the community don't want to profit off others' misfortune. Time passes and the premier gets closer; the rumblings get much louder. People run down the street yelling, “The Curse.” You and your friends must see about this Curse of the Williams farm!

Don't miss a single minute! You can purchase a speed pass online ahead of time, but the house cannot offer group discounts. The speed pass is $35 ($40 during Halloween week). You can purchase one at the door for $20 ($25 on Halloween weekend). However, debit cards are not accepted; Credit or Cash only, please. Remember, tickets are limited; so arrive early and avoid the long lines. For more information, please go online and be sure to check out the store! The phone number, for your convenience, is 780-977-3335.

The events are endless, including a Friday the 13th event and a flashlight event on November 6th and 7th. Bring all your pals and ghosts to this spooky event. You will be sure to have a chilling time at this haunted farm. It will not be soon forgotten!

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