What will you Find in Mundare?

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Mundare Town - Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MundareSausage.JPG

Mundare is a small town a lot of people tend to overlook. They assume because it is small there is not much there to see. The truth is – Mundare is a small town with a very, very big heart. With so many events and activities happening in this town every year, this is no good reason not to make a special trip to this small town in Edmonton and giving it a little of your time.

What is Spending a Day Here Like?

The first question a lot of people have is what is Mundare really like? What will it feel like spending a day in this town? This town is a chance for you to completely submerge yourself in community, culture, and history. Yes, it is a small town – but, that has not stopped it from being loaded with all kinds of incredible things to do.

Breakfast at the Mundare Bakery

The very first thing anyone has to do when they head to Mundare is have breakfast at the Mundare Bakery. This bakery is a prime spot in the town as it has been around since 1926! Everything this bakery sells is made from scratch every single day. While it was taken over by new owners back in 2013, it still feels and tastes exactly like the bakery did back in the 20’s. The people who live in Mundare agree that you would only be cheating yourself if you didn’t treat yourself to a tasty pastry or two from this bakery at breakfast time.

Did you know Mundare is the location of the largest sausage replica? This is just one of many things you have to check out while you are in Mundare! There is a golf course, a museum, and a splash park just waiting to be enjoyed. As you leave from a day or week in Mundare, the last thing you are going to think is that the town is small. You are going to think – how did they cram so much into this one town?

By Justin Havre


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