Where Are the Best Coffee Shops in Edmonton

Posted by Terry Paranych on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 8:12am.

The Best Coffee Shops in EdmontonThe cold weather has arrived and this is a great time to head indoors and enjoy some cozy coffee shops. Edmonton offers some great options to warm up and enjoy great cup of joe. You don’t have to go far to reach a café in Edmonton. Here is a look at these excellent coffee shops to escape the cold this winter.

Wild Earth Bakery and Coffee - 8902 - 99 Street NW

Fresh-baked goodies warm up the air as you walk into the Wild Earth Bakery and Coffee location. You can relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, while savoring the cheesy buns, muffins, cookies, cakes, tortes, tarts or one of the many other sweets found here. Pair any of their sweets with delicious coffee and enjoy a wonderful escape.

Café O’Play - 50 Athasbascan Avenue

The perfect place for kids, Café O’Play offers a kid-friendly environment plus a coy atmosphere for adults. On a rainy or cold day, check out Café O’Play to relax and let the kids place. They have an indoor playground on-site plus kid’s snacks.

Parents and children have chosen this place as a favourite to spend time together. Parents can enjoy Caps Coffee, locally roasted coffee, or their chai lattés and organic teas. Chicken can enjoy snacks and pastries that are kid-friendly. It’s clean and safe for kids under 6 years old.

Cafe Haven - 9 Sioux Road, Sherwood Park

This little cafe is simply adorable. You will love eating their home made meals made fresh every day. The one thing that really separates this restaurant from others is the fact they source everything locally. That means you always getting the freshest possible ingredients. Besides great food they also offer live music, so you can eat and work it off by doing a little dancing.

Cheesecake Cafe - 17011 - 100 Avenue

As one of the top choices for dessert and coffee, the Cheesecake Cafe doesn't disappoint. They provide some of the best desserts you will find in the city including cake, pie, ice cream, cobblers and, of course, cheesecake. You can also get a great cup of coffee to accompany your sweet treat at the Cheesecake cafe.

Second Cup - 390 Baseline Road

Second Cup is a favourite in town because it’s familiar. It’s in the heart of Sherwood Park and is the perfect place to warm up on a cool day. The familiar atmosphere and delicious cup of coffee is just what the doctor ordered this winter. Enjoy the hot coffee, great music and food.

Sugar Bowl - 10922 - 88 Avenue NW

This coffeehouse is perfect for those looking for a little history, a hip crowd and delicious desserts. They serve cappuccinos, espresso drinks and more. You will also find some excellent pastry desserts here. Weekends at Sugar Bowl feature plenty of music, as well.

Café Haven - 9 Sioux Road

Another option located in Sherwood Park is Café Haven. It’s the perfect place for coffee and a treat. Before changing ownership, Café Haven was just a small coffee shop in Sherwood Park. Now it’s expanded to offer great cuisine and an artistic atmosphere. Check out their gluten-free options as well. It’s a favourite in Sherwood for residents.

Visit Another Great Coffee Shop in Edmonton

Other great places for coffee and dessert in Edmonton include:

  • Block 1912 - 10361 - 82 Avenue
  • Cafe Select - 405 - 10018 106 Street NW
  • Creperie - 10220 - 103 Street NW

Whether you plan to go out on a romantic date with someone special or you just want to feed your sweet tooth, the above choices provide both wonderful desserts and delicious coffee in Edmonton.

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