Where will you Find the Best Fries in Edmonton?

Posted by on Friday, June 19th, 2015 at 11:08am.

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The best fries is a debated topic that could have a number of restaurants in Edmonton at the top of the list. It's a bit of a preference thing, but there are some places that stand above others when it comes to fries. Here are a few great choices in Edmonton for the best fries.

Herb Aioli House Fries from Canteen

These fries are some of the best you will find. They are not greasy, yet they have the perfect salty flavour. You could order these as your meal and be quite satisfied. They have a very crispy exterior with a soft inside. The homemade aioli dipping sauce makes these fries one of the top choices.

Garlic Fries from Meat

A great choice to accommodate barbecue at Meat is the garlic fries. These fries are made with a garlic powder dusting, which provides a great punch. You don't need a dipping sauce for these delicious, crunchy potatoes.

Delux Hand-Cut French Fries from Delux Burger Bar

The burgers may take the spotlight, but the fries are never left behind at Delux Burger Bar. The hand-cut French fries come in a tiny shopping cart and provide a great flavour. They can be tossed in parmesan chees and truffle oil, covered in poutine or gravy or just served straight-up. No matter your choice, they will compliment your burger perfectly.

Werewolf Fries from Daravara

A house-made hot sauce and a chipotle cheese sauce make these fries worth a try. You can enjoy the classic cut fried with malt vinegar, green onion, grilled chicken, bacon or even a coffee-rubbed brisket. They are a very pleasing choice for those looking for the unique and spicy.

Sweet Potato Fries from DaDeO

A great choice for those looking for a sweet potato fire, these don't compare to any others. They are crunch, seasoned, spicy and perfect. The dipping sauce is an herb mayonnaise to compliment them perfectly.

If you're looking for excellent fries in Edmonton, all of these of these choices work great. Try them all and find your new favourite.

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