Which Japanese Restaurants were the Top Choices in 2014?

Posted by on Friday, May 22nd, 2015 at 10:15am.

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Now there's sushi, and then there's sushi. For those looking for more of the high end sushi with some creativity thrown in, Japonais Bistro is your ticket to all things sushi in the Edmonton area.

Japonais Bistro’s Food

Forget the plain ol' California roll. They have a good election of Bento boxes, which are good for lunch. For a filling meal, try some fashion inspired meals. Sushi pizza is a pizza except the crust is made of deep fried rice topped with tuna, tobiko, scallops, avocado, and sesame seeds.

You'll never think of spaghetti the same after having it topped with sea urchin, salmon, and seaweed. No matter what food you choose on Japonais Bistro's unique, don't forget to choose sake from their equally diverse sake bar. If you’re still hungry after dinner try the green tea crème brulee to finish off this fine dining Japanese experience.

Japonais Bistro’s Atmosphere

Japonais Bistro is stylish and trendy, yet still friendly. This is clearly seen right away with a wait staff that is both knowledgeable about the menu and accommodating to every guest. There is light Japanese décor around the restaurant, and the place is clean, even the bathrooms.

It is easy to notice how much pride the staff takes in their establishment, which makes it even more promising that your experience will be enjoyable. Although Japonais Bistro is crowded, it is not so loud that the noise gets in the way of having a cozy date night.

If Japonais Bistro did not tickle your fancy, consider checking out Izakaya Tomo. It’s recognized as another one of the best Japanese restaurants of 2014.

Izakaya Tomo

If you want authentic Japanese food, this is the best place to get it. A lot of places claim to have authentic Japanese food, but this one actually delivers. Whether you want a grub or a nice pub, you can get everything you need in one fun place.

Naturally, these are just two of the best Japanese restaurants of 2014. Consider checking out Mikado as the runner up for this esteemed title of best Japanese restaurants of 2014 in Edmonton, as well.

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