We got approved for our mortgage, now what?? Well I started to look for a realtor, still not knowing what we needed to be looking for or what questions to ask. We were most certainly "first time home buyers" (cue haunting music). I found a property called a number and this cheery voice answered and to my disbelief was willing to help with minimal assistance from myself as to what direction we were going. This was our first "introduction" to Ms. Alicia Andreasen . I continued to throw her property after property and she was more than willing to get the key to our possible future home. With every meet she got to know us better and better almost getting to the point of  knowing what we would think before we even entered the home to view. Alicia is funny, sweet, caring,open.honest. driven ,and most of all a honest to goodness friend by all accounts. Between a bidding war and "falling" for other properties she knew my heart was not happy as of yet. We went to a ComFree house me feeling uneasy not knowing the process of realtor vs ComFree property. She did not blink a eye or change her tone better yet she smiled with me and became elated when "that moment" of finding our home filled the room. "Your offer has been accepted" Alicia says with completed excitement!!! Oh my gosh now what?? I said. She explains for every step I am here. Lets take it step by step. Alicia got us our home inspector...renters for our current property...a electrician....house insurance agent... YES THAT'S RIGHT SHE IS A ANGEL!!!!! We are completely blessed and humbled from such a genuine realtor and now I can say life long friend. When thank you is just not enough.... we just adore you Alicia.
Sincerely and with love, Heather & Garry Mah


Thank you so much for helping Chad & I find our perfect home! Your professionalism and charismatic nature were greatly appreciated and made you a pleasure to work with.


Thank you for all your help with our house purchase. You made the experience very easy & enjoyable! We LOVE our new house and may not even viewed it if it hadn't been for you. Thank you very much! Chris & Lesley Thompson

When I moved to Edmonton I knew no one and didnt know when, how or where to start with looking for a home to purchase. I knew I wanted a female Realtor and was lucky enough to stumble across Alicia. Not only was she personable, she was extremely knowledgable about the Real Estate Industry. I told her what I wanted, sat back and let her do the work. She presented me with homes that were exactly what I wanted and could afford, showing that she was really listening to me. Never once did she show impatience with me as we did look at quite a few places and at odd hours due to my job! Once we found my home, she worked hard to ensure the process went smoothly, from providing me with names of lawyers to hiring a cleaning lady for a housewarming gift! Following my move, she contacted me to ensure everything was good and that I was pleased with my new home. We still keep in touch and refer anyone who asks about real estate to her. My husband and I continue to use Alicia as our Realtor, as we are in the home renovations business and dont plan on ever using anyone else!