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Choosing a Fence for Your Home? Here's What To KnowFencing is more than just functional - it can also be aesthetically attractive. Northeast Edmonton homeowners who would like to install a fence around their property should consider how the fence looks, how it is maintained, how long it will last, and what purpose it needs to serve. If you're thinking about installing a fence around your home, here's what you need to know.


Wood fencing is made up of pickets, which can be placed close together or spaced farther apart. Wood pickets with no space between them will create total privacy for the homeowner. Spaced farther apart, wood pickets keep out wandering pets but do not offer much privacy. Wood must be re-stained or painted periodically. Well-maintained wood is attractive.

Wood fencing is

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How Does an Earnest Money Deposit Work?When home buyers are interested in purchasing a property, they need to make an offer to the seller. In the purchase contract, buyers typically offer to make an earnest money deposit in good faith. There are rules and conventions concerning how deposits are handled, and both buyers and sellers must abide by them. With this information, Northwest home buyers will have a better understanding of the amount they will pay in a deposit, and what happens to it once they put the money down.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Is an Earnest Money Deposit?

A purchase offer is an offer to buy property, but almost anyone can make one. Sellers want to be sure the

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4 Things to Know About Floor Plans

Many Stony Plain homebuyers look at a floor plan of a home before they buy it. This can help them to determine if it will meet their needs, as well as the general layout of the house. Reading a floor plan can be complicated, particularly since the small size often requires abbreviation. With this information, homeowners will understand how to read a floor plan, what to look for as they browse, and how to compare different options.

1. What Buyers Should Look For on the First Read

The floor plan is intended to give people a rough representation of how the property looks or will look once completed. Once buyers get used to reading plans, it can be easier to get a sense for what is included. At first, people should quickly identify:

  • number
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What You Need to Know About Renting Before Becoming a LandlordWhether a Spruce Grove property is purchased specifically as a rental property or a home previously lived in will be rented out, there's a lot more to being a successful landlord than one might initially conceive. Properties utilized as investments require much more than securing tenants and collecting rents, and here are five key ingredients landlords should have on hand.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. A Solid Understanding of Tenancy and Rental Laws

Even if only one home is being rented, the law requires the fiscal beneficiary of proceeds to conduct their business in accordance with all applicable laws. By far, one of the most

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What Do Home Sellers Need to Tell the BuyerFrom the damp patch in the basement to the asbestos in the insulation, sellers may wonder what exactly they're required to disclose to the buyers. The general rule of thumb is to tell buyers everything. It not only limits liability, but it can also boost a Sherwood Park buyer's trust in the property they want—which may encourage them to offer a little more or to bend on their contingencies. However, for those who want a more technical explanation of their exact responsibilities, find out more about how the specifics should affect the answers that sellers give and the information they need to provide on their own.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate

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What to Do Before Buying Homes with a Septic TankA home with a septic tank in Canada can be a smart choice for any homeowner looking to cut down on their environmental impact. The odds of a raw sewage spill are lower than that of other plumbing systems. Still, there are a few things that homeowners should understand prior to buying a property with a septic system. The most important one is to research the specific building codes in the area to better understand the homeowner's responsibilities to the community.

Septic Tanks 101

Buyers should start with the most important facts to know about septic tanks:

  • Lifetime: Septic systems rarely last for longer than 25 years. If the tank is starting to edge closer to its expiration date, the buyer may need to negotiate with the seller.
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How Virtual Reality Can Affect You As a Home SellerReal estate marketing is changing quickly, especially given how much technology has changed in the last few years. With inventions like virtual reality, homeowners can market their homes in new and surprising ways. If you're a homeowner who would like to market your home to all different kinds of buyers, or if you would like your home to stand out more from the other homes in your area, here's what you need to know about VR.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality has many benefits, for the right home seller.

Attract Attention from Buyers

Virtual reality is still unusual enough that many home buyers

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Selling Your Home? What to Know, How to Know ItHome selling, even for first-time home sellers, is a matter of strategy. Knowing what other sellers are doing in your area and what's happening in the market can help you sell your home more quickly. Before listing your home for sale, do some research. Below are some questions you should know the answers to, and what you need to do to find out the answers.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What to Know

Before listing a home for sale, sellers should ask themselves the following four questions.

1. Is it a Seller's or Buyer's Market?

A buyer's market is a condition that occurs when there are more homes for sale than buyers who want

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How and When to Maintain Your GuttersGutters are typically damaged by anything from foliage to water to the wear and tear of time. These important home components are there to keep excess moisture away from the home and maintain the potency of the soil, which is why it's so important to get them ready for the worst of Mother Nature. To protect the foundation, resale value, and integrity of the structure, homeowners should make gutter maintenance a routine practice.

Use Gutter Sealants

A gutter sealant is a common way to fix these attachments, and they’re highly recommended to avoid a more costly replacement. The actual sealant is little more than specialized epoxy that can be picked up at any hardware store for less than $10. If the gutters are really starting to tear away from the

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The Best December Events in Edmonton, ABDecember is a bright and merry month in Edmonton, as everyone works to celebrate the holiday season as a community. Both local residents and tourists who are visiting from other cities find that there are many enjoyable events throughout the entire month.

These are the best December events to plan on enjoying in Edmonton AB:

Christmas Glow

The holiday season is all about magic, and the Christmas Glow event is where that magic truly comes to life. Christmas Glow in Edmonton will take place from November 28, 2019 until January 4, 2020 at the Edmonton Expo Center, making it the premier holiday event throughout the entire month of December. At Glow, people of all ages will delight at the millions of twinkling lights that wind around interactive

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