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6 Benefits of Residential Solar Energy for HomeownersMany Canadian homeowners have begun to supplement traditional energy sources with residential solar panels. The technology is available for homeowners to be able to live completely off grid and produce enough energy to meet the needs of a family. There are a multitude of reasons why individuals choose to go solar and there are many advantages for those deciding to go with residential solar power.

As many first-world nations rely upon residential solar panels as part of their clean energy solution, the maturity of the technology makes it easier for homeowners to switch to residential solar panels. Understand more about the advantages of residential solar panels for Canadian homeowners today.

How to Determine If a Home Would Save Money with

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Getting Better Offers During a Buyer's MarketWhen sellers have no other choice but to list their home during a buyer's market, the process can start to feel daunting before it even gets started. After all, it's difficult enough to complete a home sale even in the best of circumstances. But sellers may have more control than they think, during even the most extreme buyer's markets. For a better idea of how to work within the limits of a buyer's market, try one or all of the following suggestions.

Setting the Stage for a Home Purchase

Having a good attitude is key to getting a good price, and this may mean sellers will have to mentally prepare for a lack of interest in their home. Doing so will not only make the process easier, it can also prevent the seller from agreeing to the first

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What Every New Homeowner Needs in Their ToolboxWhile moving into a new home can be rather exciting, there will inevitably be a need for basic tools to get settled in properly. Rather it be a minor repair or simply a need to hang pictures or stabilize loose screws, these essential tools for homeowners are must-haves for the toolbox.

Versatile Screwdriver Set and a Shock Absorbing Hammer

Homeowners will certainly find a set of screwdrivers of multiple sizes essential around the house, and there are models that feature a variety of adapters for more compact storage in toolboxes. Choose comfort grip screwdrivers with a ratcheting feature for ease of use. A sturdy, shock absorbing hammer will be needed for a variety of jobs, with a popular size being a one-pound model with a 16-inch shock

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How to Pick a Home Security SystemThe technology of the day has made it possible for homeowners to enjoy an array of choices when it comes to their home security systems. New start-up companies are moving away from the standard contract models of home security to offer people more flexibility to choose what works for them. Whether homeowners just a want a few deterrents or the equivalent of an impenetrable fortress, there's more than one way to catch a thief.

How to Choose a Home Security System

The smartest thing a homeowner can do before choosing their security system is to look at their home the way a criminal would. An unlatched gate, an unlocked window, or a shadowy half of the home can provide all the opportunity a thief needs to muscle their way in. Residents who leave

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Make the Transition From Renting to BuyingMost people who own homes today likely started their adult life in a rental home or unit. In addition, recent statistics from the United States Census Bureau show that more than 31 percent of American homes occupied in 2016 housed renters, instead of owners, a number that seems to be trending higher. The dream for many, however, continues to revolve around home ownership, even though they may currently be renting. If you're renting right now, are you ready to make the leap into homeownership?

Renting or Buying Based on Lifestyle Demands

The first of these three factors - lifestyle and general demands - is often the most powerful in determining whether buying a West Edmonton home is even on the radar for the average adult. Adults who travel

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The Best Soup in EdmontonThere's something healing about a good bowl of soup. Whether it's a steaming chowder that makes for a filling mid-day meal, or a brothy bowl of Pho that complements the dinner meal, soup is known to warm the soul and heal the body. In Edmonton, Alberta, there are plenty of places to go to get a hearty bowl of soup.

When the weather gets cold, the cravings for soup go through the roof. Everybody wants a bowl of warm, delicious soup. Finding the right spot in Edmonton for soup can be challenging with so many great choices. Here are some of the top spots for amazing soup throughout the city.

Pho Hoan Pasteur

Pho Hoan Pasteur is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant that specializes in Pho, which is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup. With more than 15

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Extreme Sports in Edmonton, AlbertaEdmonton provides plenty of extreme activities from fishing adventures to racing and much more. Many of the attractions providing these adventures are found just outside the city, but close enough for convenience. Here are some of the most extreme activities you can enjoy near Edmonton.

Edmonton International Raceway

It doesn't get much more extreme than race cars flying around the track at incredible speeds. The Edmonton International Raceway is one of the most extreme attractions within the area. They not only hold plenty of races for fans, but they also allow you to experience the fun.

Race fans can experience the 10 Lap Stock Car Test Drive Experience. This experience allows you to enjoy ten laps around the track in one of the stock

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Building Technology: Disruption or Promise for the Future?The next few years are expected to usher in a broad new range of technology-based building innovations. Just how quickly they become mainstream and whether they will become the new norm for the construction industry still is open to question.

However, there is no denying that exciting developments are just over the horizon. Control-flow concrete, waterproofing techniques, green roofs, fire protection and expanded interest in modular components are only a few examples of what's in store for job sites and buildings in the foreseeable future.

A Global Renaissance

The worldwide search for enhanced new construction home building technologies—cheaper, faster, better, easier—is driving the development of new procedures and products that will have

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Know Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Home LoanIt may finally be time to look into purchasing a home. Canadian residents become homeowners in order to avoid paying increasing rent and to be able to make upgrades on a property to suit their lifestyle. Those with active children or pets often appreciate the privacy afforded them by having a fenced in backyard. These are only a few of the advantages of homeownership.

There are some considerations required before buying a home. Potential buyers who need a home loan mortgage may need to review a number of factors prior to going to a lender. Pre-approval on a home loan can help an applicant looking to snap up a home in competitive markets such as Vancouver, Toronto. What should first-time home buyers know about credit score and credit history and

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How to Prepare Your Home For Selling When You Have PetsPets can cause all types of issues when it comes time to sell your house. Even if you used to own pets and don't anymore, they can linger inside your home.

Buyers touring your home will notice the smells, stains, hair and anything else your pet has left behind. This is especially true if they are allergic or don't own pets themselves. Here are a few tips to prepare your home for sale if you own pets.

Use Pet Sitters or Get a Second Home

When you're showing your house, the pets you own shouldn't be there. They could bring up negative issues for some potential buyers and may cost you the sale. Instead, find a second home or use pet sitters to keep your pets elsewhere during the process.

Make Small Repairs

Your pets may have left their

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