Edmonton Investment Real Estate

Investing in the Edmonton real estate market

edmonton investmentMany financially savvy buyers look to Edmonton investment real estate as a means to build assets and financial stability. The Edmonton property market is rich with opportunity and smart buyers can make a fortune with real estate.

The nuances of investment real estate are different than traditional real estate opportunities, and there's plenty to know. We recommend working with one of our experts, who can provide you with:

  • Advice on legalities
  • Market analysis for potential investment properties
  • Tips for leveraging real estate investments
  • Answers & guidance throughout the entire process

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Rental Investment Real Estate in Edmonton

The most common way to invest in Edmonton real estate is through rental properties. There are two primary types of rental properties: suites (or "mortgage helpers") and rental houses.

Many buyers will choose to convert their basement or portion of their house into a stand-alone suite, which they then rent out to tenants. The rental income then covers a portion or all of the mortgage costs, providing the home owner with a large cash influx.

However, real estate investment isn't for everyone. In either rental income scenario, there are tenancy risks and landlord obligations that must be met. Despite this, many savvy real estate investors feel the reward is well worth the extra effort.

Other Real Estate Investments

There are numerous additional types of advanced real estate investments, including real estate trading, investment trusts and investment groups. Each has its own ins and outs, and it's recommended that you work closely with a real estate agent and financial advisor when considering these types of investments.

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