Preparing to Sell Your Property: A Checklist

First impressions always count, especially when it comes to selling your Edmonton property. Most potential buyers won't pay your home a second visit if they don't see anything to make them come back after their first one. A small investment of time and money on your part will go a long way in separating your home from the rest of the competition in the area. It'll add value to your home, either on the market price or in the minds of potential buyers. Home buyers would want to know that the home they're about to buy is well-maintained and that the previous owners knew just how to clean and care for it.

Below are some suggestions to help you get started on preparing to sell your home the market:

General Maintenanceproperty preparation

[] Oil any squeaky hinges on doors
[] Tighten any loose doorknobs
[] Replace any burnt out light bulbs<
[] Clean any dirty windows, and repair them if you must
[] Touch up any chipped or peeling paint
[] Repair any cracked plaster
[] Repair leaky taps and toilets
[] Make sure the doorbell works

General Cleaning

[] Shampoo the carpets
[] Clean the washer, dryer, and tubs
[] Clean the fridge and stove
[] Clean out the furnace
[] Clean and freshen up the bathrooms
[] Keep any pets outdoors (during the showing)
[] Clean and tidy up the entrance

Making Your Home More Spacious

[] Clear out the staircase and hallways
[] Store away any excess furniture
[] Store things away on shelves and cabinets
[] Clear up the kitchen counters and stove
[] Tidy up closets

Enhancing Your Home's Curb Appeal

[] Cut the lawn 
[] Trim the shrubs and plants
[] Weed the garden
[] Clean up any litter
[] Clear the walkway and driveway from obstructions
[] Clean and repair gutters and eaves
[] Touch up any chipped or peeling exterior paint
[] Polish any front door hardwear

During Scheduled Showings

[] Be absent during showings
[] Light up the fireplace, if you have one
[] Open the drapes during the daytime
[] Turn on all the lights at night

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