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Heritage Valley is one of the youngest residential neighborhoods within Edmonton. It was only established in 2001 following the adoption of the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief by the City Council. The concept design serves as the overall guidance of the development of the area. Logically, the community is still undergoing further and continuous development.

The Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief was originally planned for about 13 separate neighborhoods within the area. As it turned out, Heritage Valley development includes the other supposed separate communities like Allard, Callaghan, Cashman, Desrochers, Hay Ridge, MacEwan, Richford, Rutherford, and Heritage Valley Town Centre.

To date, there are just a few types of residential structures that are available in the area. Of course, just like in many other neighborhoods in the city, there are single family dwellings. There are also duplexes or apartment style condominiums.

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The neighborhood is logically anchored by future developments of facilities and infrastructure within the area. Among those are the Town Centre and the LRT Extension. The Shopping at Windermere Currents, which is nearby, is another facility that is expected to benefit Heritage Valley residents. Also in the area is an extensive infrastructure development, which has been ongoing since the past several years.   

The Heritage Valley Town Centre is envisioned to be a pedestrian-friendly, highly urbanized, and transit-oriented center. Its strategic location and importance is set to make it the economic and social heart of Heritage Valley. Its features will serve as main amenities that will serve all residents of the community. Those include an integrated LRT station, a compact town center, and a Main Street that will house quality buildings, landscaped streets, and public places.

It is not surprising that the Heritage Valley is becoming a popular and sought-after choice among new home buyers and investors in Edmonton.

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