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Terwillegar South is one of two neighborhoods that make up the ambitious 'Terwillegar Neighborhood Structure Plan', a charming, modern community which was officially approved in 2003 by the City Council of Edmonton. Development of the area began immediately after the proposal was accepted. As of 2011, construction within the neighborhood were still ongoing.

Because the Terwillegar Neighborhood Structure Plan includes adjacent neighborhoods from Terwillegar Towne, to the north of this neighborhood, Terwillegar South was designed following a grid street pattern in order to match their appearance.

The name 'Terwillegar' was adopted in recognition of a prominent surgeon named Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar. He was also a local property owner within the area for many years. Dr. Terwillegar practiced medicine within Edmonton from 1912 to 1947, eventually becoming chief of medical staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Among his achievements, he also served as president of the Alberta Division of the Canadian Medical Association, and of the Edmonton Academy of Medicine. Terwillegar South was the neighborhood where Dr. Terwillegar resided, hence his name was an obvious choice.

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Today, you will notice that apartments and other medium-sized dwellings predominated the landscape. However, there are a number (25%) of single-family homes here as well, and even a few roadhouses. Basically, the Terwillegar South neighborhood was designed to look pretty much the same as its northern neighbour. Hence, there are many similarities between the two neighborhoods.

With regards to amenities, the residents at Terwillegar enjoy convenient access to the Town Center located within Terwillegar Towne, just to the north of the neighborhood. Residents can also take the southern road to reach Anthony Henday Drive, where they can easily access the rest of the city by road. It this convenience, combined with the wide range of residential home choices, that many people decide to make their home in Terwillegar South.

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