Which Italian Restaurants were the Best in 2014 in Edmonton?

Posted by on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 10:10am.

Italian Food - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/miyo/2381140237/

There are some outstanding Italian Restaurants in the Edmonton area. Patrons enjoy authentic Italian meals, and the line up for Edmonton’s best Italian Restaurants for 2014 is as follows.

Corso 32 – 10345 Jasper Avenue

Corso 32 knows their pasta, and treat it as a delicacy in their dining establishment. It is made in house each day, and cooked to perfection. They use quality ingredients to ensure the tastiest results. You will want to try the Garganelli, which is served with a classic Bolognese sauce. It happens to be a favorite among those who visit often.

Chef Danial Costa knows how to make pasta, as he has conquered the al dente texture that it requires. There are a variety of sauce’s available, which includes tasty meat offerings. Other offerings include fried short rib and the chocolate torte. There is something to satisfy everyone's taste buds at Corso 32.

Cibo Bistro – 11244 104 Avenue

Cibo Bistro provides a variety of both modern and authentic Italian dishes. Offerings include the Charcuterie and the Polenta Frites, which are both made from scratch. Patrons also recommend trying the robust meatball sandwich that is served up on a fresh flour baguette, and was noted as one of the 25 Best Things to Eat on the 2013 list.  The pasta is cooked in a butter sauce, and the Italian doughnuts are delightful.

Café Amore – 10807 106 Avenue

Café Amore will make you feel right at home, while serving up some tasty authentic Italian dishes. This Café is family owned and operated, which gives it lots of character that is loved by all in the Edmonton area. The offerings here include artisan breads, in house made pastas and sausages, sauces that are creamy and wine infused, fresh lobster and imported mozzarella.

These are the top Italian restuarants in Edmonton from 2014. They are all great cohices and should be considered when you want to go out for a nice dinner.

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