October 2021

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Edmonton, AB History

As the capital of Alberta, the city of Edmonton has a rich history. It is situated along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River—a feature that's supported life in Edmonton since the earliest settlers of the First Nations. Not only was the region a fertile ground for wildlife and growing crops, but the river allowed for transportation that led Edmonton into leadership within the fur trade.

The advent of railways in the early 1900s eventually led to roads, gas, and oil pipelines. More recently, the addition of the international airport earned the city the title "Gateway to the North." Over time, the Edmonton real estate market flourished and provided a foundation for a vibrant city with 1.5 million residents that serves as the economic and cultural

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Is Edmonton Dog-Friendly?

Moving is a challenge by itself, but moving to a home in Edmonton with a pet brings another set of considerations to tackle. Are dogs welcomed in the new community? Are there plenty of activities for a four-legged friend to participate in? Edmonton is one of the larger metro areas in all of Canada, and new residents moving to Edmonton will be happy to know that dogs are very much appreciated here. Keep reading to discover a few of the dog-friendly places and activities available in Edmonton.

Dog-Friendly Activities in Edmonton

Dogtopia is a canine spa, daycare, and boarding service located at 10529 116 St. NW near Downtown Edmonton. It's one of the coolest facilities in the downtown area for folks who live in nearby apartments or condos with

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