December 2023

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Winter Festivals in Edmonton AlbertaThe city of Edmonton hosts more than 30 fun and exciting festivals every year, with themes focusing on sports, film, music, theatre, and more. These exciting events are major attractions for tourists and locals and are well-known throughout Canada, inviting all who are interested in fun and those keen on discovering the wonderful culture of this fine city. Here are six Edmonton winter festivals taking place this upcoming season.

Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival (January 20 & 21)

With the theme of "Under the Toad Stool," kick off 2024 at Deep Freeze, one of the most interesting winter festivals happening at the coldest time of the year. Explore the Deep Freeze enchanted forest filled with unique sculptures by experienced artists. A

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Schools and School Districts in Stony Plain

The town of Stony Plain, Alberta, is served by a dedicated selection of schools and school districts focused on fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. Understanding the educational landscape of the town is crucial for those considering the area for their educational needs. Dive into the essence of Stony Plain’s schools to discover the educational opportunities and supportive environment they offer.

Parkland School Division

The Parkland School Division administers the public schools in Stony Plain. Parkland is a large regional district that stretches from Entwistle in the west to the western outskirts of Edmonton. The public schools in Stony Plain include one K–6 school, five K–9 schools, one Grade 10–12 school, and one

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