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Edmonton's Tallest Buildings

In the city of Edmonton, the ever-evolving skyline is a testament to modernity and urban development. Among its towering architectural achievements, a remarkable array of skyscrapers pierces the northern skies, each with its own story of growth and ambition. Let's delve into the city's tallest buildings, exploring their architectural significance, economic impact, and the allure they hold for investors, visitors, and anyone considering moving to Edmonton.

Stantec Tower

Standing 66 storeys tall and stretching 251 metres above the ground, Stantec Tower is the tallest building in Edmonton. On May 23, 2018, it surpassed the height of JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District & Residences, claiming its title as the city's tallest structure. This mixed-use

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What to Know Before Buying a Loft

With their unique floor plans and near-endless options for customization, lofts are one of the most popular property types among condo buyers. These spacious, often historic spaces offer a unique blend of architectural charm and modern aesthetics, ideally suited for any downtown dweller. However, before diving into the world of loft ownership, it's essential to ensure your investment is sound and aligns with your lifestyle. Uncover the most important things you need to know before buying the loft of your dreams. 

What Is a Loft?

What's the difference between a condo, a loft, and an apartment? All lofts are either a condo or an apartment, but not all condos and apartments are lofts. A loft is a style of multi-family living unit with a distinct

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Edmonton Most Expensive Condos

Over the years, Downtown Edmonton has been quietly evolving along with the rest of the city, showcasing some of the most lavish condos that have become synonymous with grandeur. Offering awe-inspiring views, cutting-edge design, and unparalleled amenities, these high-end abodes aren't just places to live; they're some of the most spectacular luxury condos in Edmonton.

This article delves into the creme de la creme of the city's condo scene, highlighting the ones that epitomize upscale living and uncovering why many are among the best condos in Edmonton.

West Block

The West Block condos anchor a 3.5-acre mixed-use development site in the Glenora neighbourhood, one of Edmonton's most coveted neighbourhoods. Just west of downtown Edmonton, the

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Edmonton Most Affordable Condos

The city of Edmonton offers a diverse real estate landscape catering to both luxury seekers and budget-conscious buyers. Amidst its picturesque skyline, the most affordable condos in Edmonton have caught the attention of numerous buyers.

Offering a blend of modern amenities, strategic locations, and cost-effective price points, these condos present an enticing opportunity for those looking to experience urban living without breaking the bank. As Edmonton continues to evolve and expand, the appeal of these economically friendly condominiums only grows, setting the stage for an investment that combines convenience with affordability.

Skyview Landing

Skyview Landing resides in the Cumberland neighbourhood of Northwest Edmonton, centred around a

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Edmonton Condo Communities

In the city of Edmonton, Alberta, a growing number of condominium communities are redefining urban living with their perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and contemporary design. These residential havens offer private amenities and nurture a thriving sense of community, transforming how residents experience life in this bustling city. If you're moving to Edmonton and considering this lifestyle, here's what to know about the best condo communities across the city.

Sky Residences

Soaring above the bustling ICE District, Western Canada's tallest building hosts Sky Residences, a collection of 315 luxury condos with unobstructed city views and top-notch amenities.

Completed in 2019, Stantec Tower was part of the first phase of the ICE District's

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Best Small Towns Near Edmonton

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Alberta lie a collection of charming small towns that boast an enticing allure for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city of Edmonton. This guide explores the hidden gems that lie just beyond city limits, showcasing the best small towns that offer a harmonious blend of natural beauty and urban convenience—and affordable alternatives to the cost of homes in Edmonton. With a focus on the unique characteristics and property offerings of these charming locales, this guide aims to unveil the untapped potential of these small towns, appealing to a wide range of homebuyers considering moving to Edmonton but seeking a slice of more rural tranquillity.


For a truly small town, home

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Moving to Edmonton Relocation Guide

The city of Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is known for being large. From having North America's largest shopping mall and Canada's largest historical sights to being the second-largest city in the province and fifth-largest municipality in the country, Edmonton lives up to its reputation.

The city offers a hustle-and-bustle lifestyle downtown, but residents can easily escape to nature parks that offer a slower pace. Just like its population, the Edmonton economy is quickly growing. Residents can enjoy numerous activities throughout the year and still find something new to do. The city is well-positioned to suit the needs and tastes of residents of all ages. If you are looking for predictable weather and new adventures, Edmonton is a great

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Edmonton Vacation and Staycation Guide

There's much to see and do in the city of Edmonton. Located on the North Saskatchewan River, there are many things to do in Edmonton that appeal to all people, including nature lovers, those that enjoy culture, and numerous amenities to keep people busy. For those looking to buy Edmonton townhomes or luxury homes in the area, it may also be helpful to know that this is an active community with lots of things to do within each city's neighbourhoods. Whether you've lived in Edmonton for years or are visiting for the first time, the city is full of great places to stay, eat, and play. Keep reading to find the best guide for a perfect Edmonton vacation or staycation.

Table of Contents

  • Edmonton Resorts
    • River Cree Resort and Casino
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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton allows residents to experience an urban city's vibrant atmosphere and convenience yet appreciate spending time communing with nature. It is easy to enjoy the best of both worlds when one calls Edmonton home.

There are plenty of jogging and walking trails in Edmonton—many of which are dog-friendly activities. Read on to discover some of the best places to take advantage of places to hike, bike, and jog in Edmonton.

Rundle Park Bridge Loop

Situated around tree-filled Rundle Park is a hard-packed gravel loop pathway favoured by cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians in Edmonton. Along the way, there are several bridges with bird's eye views of the river and surrounding woodlands. Early along the 6.5 km Rundle Park Bridge Loop is

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Best Edmonton Suburbs Near the Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton is the bustling capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. It's located on the North Saskatchewan River and has approximately one million people. Edmonton homes for sale are surrounded by museums, art galleries, theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs.

As such a vibrant city, it's only natural that the Edmonton International Airport is busy with hundreds of flights per day. And while some Edmontonians prefer to work and play in the big city, some frequent flyers find that living in the best suburbs of Edmonton provides a laid-back setting closer to the airport.

Keep reading to learn about the three Edmonton suburbs closest to the airport.

Leduc: 12 Minutes to Edmonton International Airport

Leduc Amenities

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