August 2023

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Best Edmonton Lofts

In the heart of Edmonton's vibrant urban landscape lies a treasure trove of contemporary living spaces: the city's finest lofts. These unique dwellings seamlessly blend historical charm with modern design, creating an unparalleled fusion of style and functionality throughout Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods. Offering an exclusive glimpse into the city’s architectural evolution, this article delves into the captivating realm of the lofts in Edmonton condos, presenting a curated selection of the most remarkable options available.

New Cambridge Lofts

Located in Downtown Edmonton, close to Edmonton’s public transportation and many amenities, New Cambridge Lofts offers single-level and multi-level units. 

This 18-storey building on Jasper Avenue

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Edmonton Most Expensive Condos

Over the years, Downtown Edmonton has been quietly evolving along with the rest of the city, showcasing some of the most lavish condos that have become synonymous with grandeur. Offering awe-inspiring views, cutting-edge design, and unparalleled amenities, these high-end abodes aren't just places to live; they're some of the most spectacular luxury condos in Edmonton.

This article delves into the creme de la creme of the city's condo scene, highlighting the ones that epitomize upscale living and uncovering why many are among the best condos in Edmonton.

West Block

The West Block condos anchor a 3.5-acre mixed-use development site in the Glenora neighbourhood, one of Edmonton's most coveted neighbourhoods. Just west of downtown Edmonton, the

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Edmonton Most Affordable Condos

The city of Edmonton offers a diverse real estate landscape catering to both luxury seekers and budget-conscious buyers. Amidst its picturesque skyline, the most affordable condos in Edmonton have caught the attention of numerous buyers.

Offering a blend of modern amenities, strategic locations, and cost-effective price points, these condos present an enticing opportunity for those looking to experience urban living without breaking the bank. As Edmonton continues to evolve and expand, the appeal of these economically friendly condominiums only grows, setting the stage for an investment that combines convenience with affordability.

Skyview Landing

Skyview Landing resides in the Cumberland neighbourhood of Northwest Edmonton, centred around a

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Should You Live in Your Own Investment Property?

Are you ready to get started in real estate investing? If you’re considering a multi-family home as an investment property, you’re confronted with the intriguing possibility of living in a part of your investment while renting out the rest of it. 

Imagine the convenience of being just steps away from your tenants, always available to address their concerns or collect rent. And don’t forget about the financial benefits—renting out the other units can help cover your mortgage and generate a steady income stream. 

Before you jump headfirst into this exciting venture, there are some downsides to consider. This guide will explore the pros and cons of living in your multi-family home so that you can make an informed decision and determine if it's truly

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