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Common Characteristics of Split-Level Homes

Homebuyers looking to have ample space to enjoy designated offices, fitness rooms, crafting areas, or additional storage options will appreciate the open-air floor plans of homes with split-level architecture. Those who want to have a minimal footprint on land but plenty of room to move around should highly consider these homes.

Split-level homes offer a different interior layout than traditional homes, commonly featuring multiple storeys with distinct living quarters, basements, and attached garages. Read on to learn more about the common characteristics of split-level architecture, including the history, popular features, and design elements.

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  • What Defines a Split-Level House?
  • Common Types of Split-Level Homes
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Ideas for Designing a Split-Level Home

Inspired by ranch-style homes of the pre-war era, split-level homes are housing units with staggering levels. Instead of the usual flight of stairs in most architectural designs, split-level homes often feature multi-level living areas connected by a short set of stairs. The front door opens to an entryway with stairs that lead to the communal living areas. Another set of stairs leads to an upper level with bedrooms, while another leads to the basement. Some may even have additional levels with more rooms.

Split levels maximize vertical space, allowing homeowners to create spacious homes on limited square footage. They also allow better space separation to create privacy and are more cost-efficient than most designs. Because they often spot large

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Best Edmonton Neighbourhoods with Split-Level Homes

Split-level homes offer many of the features of ranch-style homes, with the added benefits of multiple storeys, short staircases, and finished basements. The style features an asymmetrical facade, a large picture window, and attached garages. Inside, they typically offer expansive open-concept living areas, a laundry room, and multiple attic and storage spaces.

Split-level homes were popularised in Canada by the CMHC in the 1950s. Read on to discover four Edmonton neighbourhoods with split-level homes.

Table of Contents

  • Forest Heights
  • Glengarry
  • Rio Terrace
  • Parkview
  • Find Split-Level Homes in Edmonton

Forest Heights

Perched over the North Saskatchewan River valley, the Forest Heights community has split-level homes

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