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Bad Home Renovations That Can Make Your Home Be Worth LessIf you're considering updating the home or renovating a room, you may want to take a look at this list. This list will explain that there are some home updates that have proven to not add any value to homes. It can get pricey to do remodelling projects and home repairs to keep the home in top notch shape.

While some projects are going to add beauty to your home especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas, you may want to pay attention to what is actually going to be useful down the road when it's time to sell. Some projects may end up being an eyesore or too expensive to maintain. Check out this list of home updates to consider avoiding in your home.


Many people think carpeting the whole house is a great way to attract buyers. It's

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What You Need to Know About Home WarrantiesNo matter how many precautions a new homeowner takes, there's always going to be an element of risk with such a major purchase. Find out how home warranties work for both brand-new and resale homes, so you know what you're getting into.

How Home Warranties Work

Warranties work to protect buyers from mistakes that may have been during the construction process. If a new homeowner moves into the house to find their electrical wiring is faulty, they would invoke clauses in their home warranty to get it fixed. The company that issued the home warranty will call a third-party investigator to check on the validity of the claims. Once the investigator has verified that the electrical system needs an upgrade, the home warranty company will call their

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Think Outside the Box to Plan an Outdoor Room that's Always a DelightIt's relatively easy to expand the seasonality of outdoor living spaces and create a backyard focal point at the same time. Think of the appeal of a gazebo in a park-like setting, or a glowing fire to warm toes and spirits during the cooler months. Of course it's possible to create an outdoor living room simply by adding a furniture grouping to the patio just outside the back door, but why not create a bold destination room that seems like a mini-vacation every time you visit?

There are numerous ways to expand outdoor living options by creating room vignettes. Most require more imagination than money, and they pay big dividends in terms of style, comfort and value.

Build a Room with a Fireplace

Pave an area in the center of the yard or in

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How to Choose the Right Home Siding for YouSiding is a home improvement project that may be overlooked in favor of a bathroom remodel or a finished basement. But the average return for improving the siding is usually around 80%—an attractive benefit for a repair that likely needed to be completed anyway. It's time to see how different types of siding stack up against one another so homeowners feel confident when they make the switch.


Wood is one of the warmest materials a homeowner can buy, evoking visions of storybook homes and quaint cottages. It welcomes visitors in with a gorgeous exterior and can give even the most modest of homes a little extra personaility. Wood is one of the easier types of siding to install without compromising on the energy efficiency of the home. (This

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Take These 6 Steps to Improve a Home's Curb AppealIt's safe to say that a home's curb appeal is one of the best ways that it makes a good first impression. Without careful and objective attention to the exterior of a home, a home seller could be missing out on potential home buyers that might otherwise love the layout and features. Getting those home buyers into the house to tour it is more easily accomplished by increasing its curb appeal.

Remove Clutter From the Front Yard

Store away or donate unused toys, old outdoor furniture and any other items that make the yard look cluttered and unmaintained. Trim trees and bushes so they look neat and orderly. Make sure the lawn is cut regularly the entire time the home is on the market. Taking steps to clean up the home space by space can go a long

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The Best Casinos in EdmontonChildren get all types of play areas from playgrounds to family fun centres and so much more. Edmonton doesn't leave adults out, however. For adults looking for a fun night out, try one of the many casinos throughout the area. Here, adults can have a little fun without the kids anytime they desire.

Casino Edmonton

Enjoy the friendliest casino in Edmonton with a first-class gaming experience and a convenient location. Casino Edmonton is found pm Argyll Road and is the only casino found on the south side of the city. It's located just a few minutes from many places in the city and provides all kinds of fun. With 850 slot machines, 22 live action tables, a 12-table poker room, plenty of popular shows and so much more, you can get away for the

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The Best Spring Festivals in EdmontonEdmonton isn't known as the “Festival City of Canada” without good reason, because in addition to the almost three dozen festivals and events, which take place, each year there's always something new in festivals arriving on the scene every few years. The spring season brings all types of events to the Edmonton area, including many great festivals. Here are a few of the best choices in spring for festival fun.

Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival

This is one of the best music festivals of the year, if you enjoy up and coming talent. The shows will be held at various venues throughout Edmonton and they are all free.

Bonfire Long Form Improv Festival

Enjoy some of the best Improv of the year from top comedians at the Bonfire Improv Festival.

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What to Know About Millennials and Home BuyingA new generation of Edmonton home buyers are looking for specific amenities including fresh interior designs and plenty of creative outdoor space. The millennial demographic—a group of young people born in a 20-year period spanning the early 1980s to early 2000s estimated to be about 90 million in North America. Not since the Baby Boomer generation has there been a group so large, influencing the real estate industry to such a great extent.

How Millennials Defy Misconceptions In Home Buying Habits

Millennials are changing the landscape of the real estate industry. What got home buyers excited in the 1990's is not appealing to millennials who are looking for affordable yet urban spaces. Millennials are interested in convenience, and that means

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How to Hire a Good Plumber and Maintain Good Plumbing In Your HomePlumbing related bills are one of the more expensive repair bills you will encounter as a homeowner. Unfortunately, plumbing problems happen. There are some plumbing problems you can afford to put off until you have more money to actually be able to pay the bill. There are other more pressing plumbing problems that need to be fixed as soon as you notice them in order to prevent additional damage.

Are you tight on money or not looking forward to having to call a plumber? You are not alone.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to preserve your plumbing as much as possible.

Flush Toilet Paper Only

Toilet paper is the only thing a toilet and a sewage system are capable of handling. Flushing anything else down your toilet can get

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Kitchen Improvements that Help You Sell Your HomeKitchens are very important to many home buyers. It's common for home buyers to look for kitchens with the latest features, enough room to accommodate many people, and energy-efficient appliances.

Homeowners who want to attract buyers to their home can do so by making kitchen improvements, as well as other home improvements, and may boost their home's value. If you're a home seller who would like to sell your home soon, these kitchen improvements can help. Here's what you need to know.

New Counters

Modern homeowners seek out durable counters made from natural materials. For many years, stone countertops were the most coveted counters because of their durability and natural beauty. In recent years, engineered stone has gained popularity

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